5 questions to ask before considering an associate [VIDEO]

dentalproductsreport.com-2013-09-01, Issue 9

There are numerous reasons why a doctor might decide to invite an associate into their practice, such as ...

There are numerous reasons why a doctor might decide to invite an associate into their practice, such as ...

1. Too busy. Can’t see patients expediently

2. Too hectic due to the demand of new and existing patient flow. 

3. The doctor may want to focus on a particular kind of dental treatment and needs an associate to provide other kinds of care.

4. The doctor may be reducing the amount of time that they are in the practice.

5. A desire for increased revenue.

If you are contemplating the creation of an associate position, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is an associate appropriate for our practice?

2. Are we prepared to develop and nurture this position and this person?

3. How do we select the right person?

4. How would we promote an associate?

5. What would the position requirements entail?

Young doctors are anxious to get into a practice where they can learn and grow.  They want to work with a respectable, experienced senior doctor in order to further develop their clinical skills. They want to be good business people and learn about the business of dentistry. 

If they are not given a chance to develop and excel, they will leave and go to another practice or they will begin their own practice.

If you need an associate doctor and do not wish for a more permanent relationship to evolve, then create a position, fill it, maximize it, but don’t be disappointed when the associate moves on to greener pastures.

Or, you may decide that you want to create a position in your practice where a doctor will come and stay. You may want or need to create a position and a relationship that could very well develop into something more permanent:  a partnership and/or a future buy-out. 

If you are considering an associate, spend some quality time reviewing the suggested questions. Contemplation and careful planning will prove invaluable when the time comes to welcome the new doctor into your practice.