3Shape TRIOS now integrated with SomnoMed Sleep Solutions

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SomnoMed will use the TRIOS scans to design and manufacture sleep apnea and bruxism devices.

With just a click, dental and sleep professionals can now use their 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner to cloud-send a patient’s digital impressions directly to SomnoMed for the manufacture of its sleep and bruxism devices.

Patients are intraorally scanned with 3ShapeTRIOS. The doctor then simply selects SomnoMed from the list of integrated solution providers on the TRIOS Communicate™ cloud and sends the scans instantly to SomnoMed.

SomnoMed uses the TRIOS intraoral scans to CAD/CAM design and manufacture their sleep apnea and bruxism devices. This creates a completely digital workflow that simplifies the front-end steps of the device manufacturing process; ensures precision and predictability in production and delivers cases back to dentists more rapidly.

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The fast turnaround means getting patients into therapy faster. In addition to making the entire fitting procedure more comfortable due to TRIOS’ accuracy, speed, image quality and ease of use.


Using 3Shape TRIOS for digital impressions also means patients no longer need to go through old-fashioned, gag-inducing, gooey analogue impression-taking when getting fitted for a device.

“3Shape is very excited to work with SomnoMed to create a digital workflow that makes sleep device manufacturing workflow more efficient as well as one that gets patients into therapy faster with a better experience,” says Allan Hyldal, vice president of 3Shape Orthodontics. “3Shape TRIOS award-winning technology, along with our continually growing number of integrations, is really opening the doors to the widest selection of treatment options for dental and sleep professionals and their patients.”

“SomnoMed is pleased to have validated TRIOS through rigorous controlled patient trials across multiple regions and users," says Christopher Bedford, vice president of research and development – SomnoMed. "The trial results have been great; clinicians enjoy faster turnaround times, easier appliance issuances, clearer and more objective technical communication, and with fewer return visits by their patients throughout the critical acclimatization phase of treatment. Patients describe simpler, faster and more pleasant chairside experiences with less challenges throughout the critically important bite registration phase.”