3M Oral Care and Bioclear partner to bring dentists updated procedures


The collaboration will further advance modern restorative technique education.

3M Oral Care and Bioclear have announced a new partnership to bring state-of-the-art procedures to dentists. 

“As part of the partnership, 3M will host hands-on training courses across the country, featuring Bioclear approved specialists, in order to amplify education of the Bioclear Method," states 3M in a press release. “Kits containing all of the required Bioclear tools, along with 3M’s direct restorative products, will be available to dentists who are implementing the method into their practice.”

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“It’s our mission to provide dentists and dental schools with the techniques, tools and equipment to allow for longer lasting, stronger, and aesthetically superior composites,” says Dr. David Clark, founder of Bioclear, in a press release. “I’ve honed the techniques and I’ve tested the products so I know, without a doubt, what works best in the mouth, and that’s why I’m excited to partner with 3M to further the education of dentists in modern restorative techniques.”

According to 3M, the Bioclear Method is a minimally-invasive procedure that offers longer lasting and esthetic anterior and posterior composite results. The procedure is an apparent universal pathway for clinicians, as true engineering and new standardized cavity preparations are combined with 3M materials and Bioclear instruments.