Worldwide webinar to address the Revolution in Prevention and Prophylaxis

There is an urgent need to radically improve biofilm management with modern methods and protocols. It is with this mission in mind that 31 world-renowned speakers have gathered to discuss and debate about the future of prevention. The experts will join forces for a 24-hour webinar on November 23 and address a number of oral health prevention topics including minimally invasive technology, prophylaxis powders, biofilm removal, guided biofilm removal, and implants.

In collaboration with EMS (Electro Medical Systems) and the Swiss Dental Academy + Online, the 24h webinar will provide an interactive platform where you will have the opportunity to exchange with some of your favorite speakers and learn about the newest research, the latest innovation, and the most advanced clinical protocols. Many topics will be covered, including surgical vs. non-surgical treatments, the evolution of biofilm, implant maintenance, the new periodontal classification, the profitability of prevention and much more. With more than 31 CE points available, don’t miss the opportunity. 

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The 24-hour webinar is scheduled to start on Saturday, November 23, and begins at 1 pm Zurich time and 7 am New York time.

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