22 fall and winter events dental labs NEED to know about

August 28, 2015

Here are some of the biggest and most important events this fall.


The rest of 2015 and early 2016 hold a wealth of educational and professional opportunities.

It's a new season-the summer doldrums are behind us, and it's time to look at an exciting new fall and winter. Part of that excitement stems from all of the events and learning opportunities available to dental technicians and lab owners.

Here are some of the biggest and most important events this fall. We kept it limited to major industry events, regional events and specific education opportunities, but there are plenty of other options out there through resellers, state associations and manufacturers! Whatever you decide, we hope this new season brings your lab innovation, success and . 

1. NADL University (Sept. 17-19); Tempe, Ari.; nadl.org

2. LMT Lab Day East (Sept. 19); Atlantic City, N.J.; lmtmag.com/lmtlabdayeast

3. 2015 Great Northwest Dental Lab Conference (Oct. 2-3); Portland, Ore.; oregondentallabs.org

4. Midwest Dental Laboratory Association Northland Exhibition (Oct. 2-3); Welch, Minn.; mndentallab.org

5. The Dawson Academy, “Functional Occlusion-From TJM to Smile Design” (Oct. 15-17); St. Petersburg, Fla. (and elsewhere on other dates); thedawsonacademy.com

6. Mid-America Dental Technology Symposium (Oct. 16-17); Covington, Ken.; madts.org

7. American College of Prosthodontists Annual Session (Oct. 21-24); Orlando, Fla.; gotoapro.org 

8. The Pankey Institute, “TMD Complete: Cases Start to Finish” (Nov. 1-5); Key Biscayne, Fla.; pankey.org

9. Eastern Conference of Dental Laboratories (Nov. 5-8); Concord, N.C.; eastern-conference.com

10. The Dawson Academy, “Treatment Planning Functional Esthetic Excellence” (Nov. 5-7); St. Petersburg, Fla. (and elsewhere on other dates); thedawsonacademy.com

11. ADA 2015 (Nov. 5-10); Washington, D.C.; ada.org

12. The Dawson Academy, “Achieving Predictable Esthetic Results” (Nov. 12-14); Tampa, Fla. (and elsewhere on other dates); thedawsonacademy.com

13. The Pankey Institute, “Improve your image: Dental photography and visual communications workshop” (Nov. 13-14); Key Biscayne, Fla.; pankey.org

14. DLOAC CAD/CAM Symposium (Nov. 20-21); Garden Grove, Calif; dloac.org

15. The Pankey Institute, “Implant Restorations: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Planning Treatment” (Nov. 20-22); Key Biscayne, Fla.; pankey.org

16. Greater New York Dental Meeting (Nov. 27-Dec. 2); New York; gnydm.com

17. V21 (Jan. 21-23); Las Vegas; nadl.org

18. Yankee Dental Congress (Jan. 27-31); Boston; yankeedental.com

19. The Dawson Academy, “Esthetic Foundations 1: Restoring Anterior Teeth” (Jan. 28-30); St. Petersburg, Fla. (and elsewhere on other dates); thedawsonacademy.com

20. Chicago Midwinter Meeting (Feb. 25-27); Chicago; cds.org

21. Cal-Lab Annual Meeting (Feb. 25-26); Chicago, cal-lab.org

22. LMT Lab Day Chicago (Feb. 26-27); Chicago; lmtmag.com/lmtlabday

Top photo: Nigel Carse/Getty Images

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