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The 2017 innovator profiles


DPR unveils its 2017 Innovator Profiles, including Dentrix, Bisco, the Chicago Dental Society and Whip Mix.

Each year, DPR has the distinct privilege of talking to some of the leading voices for innovation throughout the dental industry. And 2017 is no exception-in the next few pages of this special advertising section, you’ll learn about amazing new products, new technologies, new education opportunities and more.

Innovation in a light bulb

This year we were struck by the passion that each company shows for its customers, of course, but also by the sense that their passion is borne out of a real effort to improve patient outcomes. Through a commitment to science, research, listening to customers and a belief in dentistry’s ability to improve patients’ lives, these innovators are making dentistry in 2017-and beyond-exciting, indeed. 

Table of Contents:



Chicago Dental Society

Whip Mix


“We must continue to evolve and find ways to efficiently solve existing challenges ...”

Dentrix logo

Q: Why does Dentrix think innovation is important?

A: John F. Kennedy is quoted as saying, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” The dental industry, like others, has experienced a tremendous amount of change, especially in recent years. Advancements in technology, new federal and state regulations, and shifts in patient expectations are just a few of the many fluctuations taking place.  In order to partner with our customers to better serve their patients, we must continue to evolve and find ways to efficiently solve existing challenges and meet future needs.  

Q: What innovations are you most proud of in the past few years?

A: Over the last several years, we have had a number of advancements that have both helped our customers in new ways as well as set a precedent in the industry. I would like to give just three examples of those innovations.

First and foremost, our Practice Advisor and Daily Huddle reports have transformed the way practitioners and staff focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) to help them run a more profitable business. This, coupled with our coaching service, has helped practitioners see an average increase in cash flow of $8,000 or more per month. 

Brad Royer Product Manager Dentrix and eServices

Brad Royer, Product Manager, Dentrix and eServices

Secondly, we launched our partner program and marketplace. By opening up Dentrix as a platform for other applications to connect, offices have the ability to pick and choose software they feel will best complement the Dentrix system to further enhance their business operations. By choosing products that have the “Dentrix Connected Logo,” the office can feel confident the product has been tested with Dentrix for optimal performance. Also, as top software and hardware vendors have integrated with Dentrix, valuable data from multiple sources is now available to practitioners-all in one, easy-to-use location.

In addition to these, we have also instituted the Dentrix Mastery Tracks program. This helps staff confirm and demonstrate that they are efficient and knowledgeable in their use of Dentrix. Imagine practice owners being able to require on a job application that applicants be Dentrix specialists to ensure they are hiring the most skilled professionals to help run their practice. In addition, these courses, tests and certificates can be used as advancement paths for the staff looking to learn more about the product and positions in the practice.

Q: How do you feel Dentrix has pushed the industry forward?

A: The word “innovate” means to change the established methods of doing things through new ideas, products or services. When Dentrix initially released, paper charting was the established method of tracking patient information, billing, etc. There were a few systems on the market at the time, but they were DOS-based products. Dentrix chose to use the up-and-coming Microsoft Windows as its operating system of choice to create the first interactive charting system. That was a revolutionary, new concept! We look back now and can’t fathom how anybody survived without a fully functioning electronic dental record. Dentrix was an integral part in that shift and continues to be.

Since that time, Dentrix has continued to push the envelope through new services and products. From our electronic solutions like eClaims and attachments to our profitability coaching program to our Dentrix partner programs, we are constantly looking for ways to help our practitioners successfully run their practices. Most recently, we changed the paradigm for intraoral scanners and practice management systems by embedding the workflow of that digital impression and lab prescription directly into Dentrix. This showcases not only the power of integration, but the power of Dentrix Connected partners working together with us to improve dentistry. As we unify the operation of these systems, which until now have acted independent of each other, we are helping the clinician and their staff to be more efficient and provide better patient care.

Q: How is Dentrix different than other offerings on the market? Why should a customer choose Dentrix over other options?

A: Apart from being the most used system in the market, we are also part of the Henry Schein family. That ensures stability and provides an assurance we will be here for many years to come. Most importantly, our ultimate goal is to partner with our practitioners to run the business so they can focus their time on the patient. We are the only solution that has all the tools directly built into the product, which can be bundled with support for a low monthly price (http://www.dentrix.com/suites/comparison). Aside from our built-in business and clinical tools, Dentrix is also the only practice management vendor that supports a vibrant community of over 270 partner products that integrate with Dentrix in a standardized way. Our Dentrix Connected program assures practices that their third party solutions will work smoothly with their practice management system.

Q: What is Dentrix’s approach to support? How can a clinician be sure they will be satisfied with their partnership with you? 

A: Our approach to support is threefold. We call them the three “C’s.” We must, with each interaction, be caring, competent and have good character. In other words, our customers must know that we care about them and their success above our own, we must be knowledgeable to either directly assist customers with their inquiries or quickly get them to another person that can, and we must have integrity and ensure we do what we say we will do. 

Q: What innovations can dental professionals expect from Dentrix in the coming months and years?

A: We are excited to announce that we will quickly be going beta with our new online booking product. In addition, we will be further embedding the workflow of disparate systems like we did for intraoral scanners and finding new partners to continue to provide more efficient solutions for our practitioners. Our customers can visit our website to keep apprised of what is coming and what has just been released (http://www.dentrix.com/products/dentrix/whats-new). 

Q: Why do you think Dentrix has such a good reputation among end users?

A: We constantly and consistently deliver service and solutions that help them run a better business. We are committed to further innovate and push the envelope on what is possible. This assurance and commitment is really what sets us apart with our end users.

For more information: DENTRIX  |  800-336-8749  |  www.dentrix.com


“... the effectiveness of the product is critical ... I know that the quality of BISCO is unsurpassed.”

BISCO logo

Q: Why does BISCO think innovation is important? 

A: BISCO is a science-based company. Therefore, it is very important that we provide products to clinicians that are developed applying the latest technology available. BISCO has always been instrumental in introducing new technology and information that has been beneficial in contributing to the advancement of restorative dentistry.

Q: What innovations are you most proud of in the past few years?

A: The development of TheraCal LC® required a long research process that ended with the introduction of a hydrophilic resin matrix that will allow for ion exchange between the tooth and the material. This has provided a new path for product development, allowing for this type of technology to be used in other products. 

From an adhesive point of view, BISCO was one of the first companies to develop a true universal bonding agent that is highly versatile, that can be used in any clinical scenario without any incompatibility issues. ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL®has been optimized regarding water content, solvent-to-water ratio and amount of functional monomer to be one of the most stable adhesives available.

Q: How do you feel BISCO has pushed the industry forward?

Dr. rolando Nunez, DDS, MSc BISCO Research and Development

Dr. Rolando Nunez, DDS, MSc BISCO Research and Development

A: A company that is truly committed to optimizing bonding protocols, which are not always related to products but to technique, will have an impact on how restorative dentistry is practiced. This commitment will always keep BISCO at the forefront of research and development. BISCO also has taken a stand in sharing the knowledge; we want to be able to reach as many people as we can so we can promote what we believe is our message, which is established by performing sound research and new product development.

Q: Why should a customer choose BISCO over other options? Why did you choose to use BISCO in your practice?

A: First, BISCO is a direct company with a unique focus on customer service. We provide answers to practicing dentists regarding their restorative protocols. Sometimes we recommend the use of other products made by our competitors. This is because the customer service and sales teams are highly trained in most areas of restorative dentistry, and the relationship between them and their customer base is very efficient. 

I chose BISCO because I understand what it takes to develop a product. I know that the effectiveness of the product is critical, but more importantly I know that the quality of BISCO is unsurpassed. If I had to choose a single product, I would choose TheraCal LC®. This product provides the technology to allow for MTA to be part of a resin-based formulation that is light cured, easily placed and also provides the calcium release necessary to stimulate new hydroxyapatite crystal formation1. TheraCal LC® should be used on an everyday basis, and there is no other product similar to it.

Q: What is BISCO’s approach to customer support? 

A: In order to be able to provide customer support, we believe that customer service representatives must be highly trained. They undergo a long training session (between two and three months) before they are allowed to answer any technical questions. This long and in-depth training will guarantee that the rep is capable of answering most frequent questions and provide full support to our customers regarding their needs on restorative dentistry practice and protocols.

Also, we provide support to researchers worldwide. We not only train researchers, but we share our results and help them generate their own data in the most effective manner. This helps us contribute to the scientific world, and this allows us to share our message. 

Q: What innovations can dental professionals expect from BISCO in the coming months and years?

A: The technology used with TheraCal LC® has led to the development of a new category of products that continually release calcium ions. We understand that calcium release is beneficial for the tooth. So, we are developing new products based on this technology. TheraCem® was the last product launched to become part of the THERA family. It is a self-adhesive resin cement that not only combines the use of very effective adhesion inducing functional monomers, but also the ability to release calcium and fluoride, generating an alkaline pH within minutes of polymerization2. Due to the presence of MDP (functional monomer), bonding to surfaces like zirconia and metal has been optimized, providing high bond strength without the need of an additional primer.

Q: Why do you think BISCO has such a good reputation among end users?

A: I was once told by a clinician who had been using our products for 25 years, “If it’s BISCO, I trust it; you do the science right.” I think that is the reason for such a great reputation. We have been steadily growing as a company, meaning that we make every effort in keeping our loyal customers happy, but also strive to develop new customers as well. That is the consequence of hard work and dedication, outstanding customer service and excellent marketing, all with science at the core.

Q: What else should clinicians know about BISCO?

A: I feel we still have a long way to go regarding research and development of new products. But most important, every time there is a breakthrough in the lab, every time there is a group of clinicians and researchers that come to our facility for training, every time I am invited to lecture domestically and abroad, every time we share the knowledge, I feel nothing but pride knowing that in some small way I am contributing to the BISCO experience.

1. Gandolfi MG, Siboni F, Prati C. Chemical-physical properties of TheraCal, a novel light-curable MTA-like material for pulp capping . International Endodontic Journal. 2012 Jun;45(6):571-9.

2. New Self-adhesive Resin Cement With Alkaline pH. Chen L, Gleave C, Suh B, J Dent Res96(A):#286, 2017.



TheraCem is an easy-to-clean, dual-cured, calcium- and fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive resin cement indicated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts (prefabricated metal and non-metal/fiber posts).  It offers the clinician a reliable and durable cementation of indirect restorations. 

For more information: BISCO |  800-247-3368 |  www.bisco.com


“Our mantra has always been to improve upon last year’s meeting”

Chicago Dental Society logo

Q: How has the landscape changed from last year to this for the dental industry? How does the Chicago Dental Society make sure the Midwinter Meeting stays vital for a changing world?

A: The landscape of the dental industry is always changing and this year is no exception. The changes that occur year-to-year are usually more or less subtle. It seems to me that change in the dental industry is more often a metamorphosis-an evolution. An evolution of change is important because change not only affects the dental industry but more importantly, it affects how dentistry is practiced. One of the reasons why the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting stays vital in a changing world is because we attract innovative exhibitors that are on the cutting edge of the dental trade. Our exhibitors want to showcase the newest and most advanced products. Many exhibitors have said that they use the Midwinter Meeting as the meeting to introduce their newest products. The Chicago Dental Society connects the exhibitors with the many great speakers who are speaking at the meeting by allowing Midwinter Meeting attendees to assimilate new products available on the exhibit floor with the new techniques that they learn in the classroom.

Q: You mentioned that the Midwinter Meeting has become a place where dental companies show off their newest innovations for the first time. Why do you think it has become such an important place to see new products and solutions?

Dr. Louis Imburgia President-elect,  Chicago Dental Society

Dr. Louis Imburgia, President-elect, Chicago Dental Society

Dr. Louis Imburgia, President-elect,
Chicago Dental Society
A: There are several reasons why. The Midwinter Meeting is really the granddaddy of dental meetings. It is one of the oldest; this year is the 153rd meeting. As such, it has a strong track record and is getting stronger. It is known as “the respected leader in scientific dental meetings” for a good reason. The Midwinter Meeting attracts many attendees, a high percentage of whom are dentists. 

Q: Why do you think trade shows-particularly the Midwinter Meeting-are so important to attend?

A: The driving force behind continuing education is that we all need to accumulate continuing education hours to maintain our license to practice. As a result, there are many avenues to accumulate continuing education. Attending a tradeshow allows the practitioner to have a real comprehensive experience-not just accumulate hours. On the exhibit floor the attendee can actually hold the product and work with it. Attending courses at a meeting allows the participant to interact with the speaker. It also allows the attendee to interact with other attendees and learn about products their colleagues are using. This allows the dentist to learn more and ultimately be a better practitioner. In my opinion, getting CE hours is really only a part of learning. In order to provide better treatment for our patients, we need to know as much as we can about a procedure and learn from our colleagues. It’s like the difference between reading a textbook and attending a class. 

As the 2018 president of the Chicago Dental Society, I can tell you that it is the best dental meeting in the world! The theme for the 2018 Midwinter Meeting is “A Dental Triad: Pride, Passion, Professionalism.” A triad is defined as a group of three closely related things that work together for one common good. Chicago Dental Society members work together for one common goal: to improve patient treatment. The Midwinter Meeting is truly a masterful orchestration for dentists and their teams. It lives and breathes Pride, Passion and Professionalism.

Q: What are some of the latest achievements of the CDS Foundation?

A: In Chicago, we are very proud of the CDS Foundation (CDSF). Since the inception of the foundation just a few years ago, the CDSF has been challenged and has responded amazingly. Since 2009, the Foundation has awarded over $600,000 in grants to area nonprofit organizations that provide dental care and oral health education services to underserved populations. Since 2014, in conjunction with the Wrigley Company Foundation through the Community Service Grant program, the CDSF has provided over $130,000 in grant funding to support community service projects spearheaded by CDS member dentists. 

What the Foundation is justifiably most proud of is the CDSF Clinic. Since the CDSF Clinic opened in February 2013, the Foundation has provided millions of dollars in donated dental services to over 1,800 patients during more than 6,000 patient visits. This equates to over 6,500 volunteer hours. The Foundation has worked with numerous human service agencies at the clinic to provide care to individuals and families from households with incomes of less than 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level in the tri-county (Cook, Lake and DuPage) area. This was all accomplished by using only volunteer dentists who do not bill the patients for services. The impressive achievement list of the Foundation is quite long and continues to grow with the help of significant financial support provided by the Chicago Dental Society.

Q: What are some of the goals of CDS both this year and beyond?

A: As always, our goal is to serve our membership. We are looking at new and innovative ways to engage our young and new dentists as they are the future of the CDS membership. We’re also embracing the changing landscape of the dental field. While dentistry has in the past been thought of as an “old boys club,” this is not the case as nearly half the students graduating from dental school are now women. We’ll be looking at ways to boost and diversify CDS membership and recruitment with emphasis on new dentists, as well as ethnic, gender and geographic diversity. 

In addition, CDS members are not only leaders in their profession, they are more often than not anchors in their community who are active in civic and community organizations and volunteer, and we’d like to start highlighting more of that. By doing this, we’ll hope to raise the awareness of CDS dentistry and in return hopefully generate an appreciation for the value of seeing a CDS dentist. 

Q: What are you most excited about for attendees of the 2018 Midwinter Meeting?

A: We are very excited about many aspects of the 2018 Midwinter Meeting. Our mantra has always been to improve upon last year’s meeting. As impossible as that seems, our goal is always to make it better. This year is no exception. We have many new speakers blended with the tried and true. We are bringing back successful speakers who have not been at the Midwinter Meeting for a while. We are also offering some classes that appeal to young dentists who don’t feel confident in their abilities and want to learn the basics, classes for the more experienced practitioner, and many classes for the dental team to get them engaged in our meeting. 

I invite you to visit us in Chicago to attend the Midwinter Meeting this Feb. 22-24, and I hope that you will be able to experience firsthand a “Dental Triad: Pride, Passion and Professionalism.”

For more information: Chicago Dental Society  |  312-836-7300  |  www.cds.org


“ ... the [positive] impact on a patient’s life may be indescribable.”

Whip Mix logo

Q: Why is innovation in sleep dentistry so important to Whip Mix?

A: As you know, Whip Mix has been a leader in occlusion products and airway is a natural extension of occlusion. As dentists focus on occlusal harmony and healthy tissue, they also address scalloped tongues, undersized palates and facial structure. Checking tonsil size and mallampati scores adds seconds to their screening time, and yet the [positive] impact on a patient’s life may be indescribable.

Q: What sleep innovations are you most proud of in the last few years?

A: For some dentists, screening for sleep apnea is overwhelming, and the threat of being held liable for a medical condition causes great concern. Whip Mix brings products to dentists that work within their comfort zone. For dentists who would like to provide home sleep tests from the dental office, we offer the Nox T3 system. It provides 14 channels of objective data, including bruxism, body position and airflow, all used to identify the apnea-hypopnea index. The data from this system is reviewable by medical physicians to sync the patient’s treatment plan. 

Lorena lighthart Clinical Product Manager Whip Mix

Lorena Lighthart, Clinical Product Manager, Whip Mix

For dentists who would prefer to screen for airway issues, we recommend our wellness line of products. This includes the GEM and GEMPro systems. By tracking oxygen saturation and heart rate, one is easily able to allow patients to test and titrate sleep appliances from home. Add bruxism, body position and audio to pulse oximetry, and one is able to plan appropriate restorations and determine if single arch occlusal guards impact airway.

Q: What needs were you hearing in the industry that led you to develop these products?

A: When it came to airway, it seemed dentists were relying heavily on subjective data. The screening questionnaires that patients supplied relied somewhat on what a bed partner heard or if the patient thought they snored. Sleep appliances were titrated to an estimated location and then were positioned based on how the patient felt they were sleeping. This led medical physicians to distrust the use of sleep appliances by dentists because if they were not titrated correctly, the patient’s AHI did not improve. Bringing objective data into the dental office allowed dentists to know the patient’s airway condition and validate the effectiveness of the sleep appliance. Now, they are able to know the numbers and be confident in the treatment.

Q: Why do you think Whip Mix has such a good reputation among end users?

A: The people. The employees at Whip Mix value relationships and become excited when they are able to help someone meet a specific need. Whip Mix is a family-run business and, from the top down, we work together to provide quality products, training and services for our customers. 

Q: What is Whip Mix’s approach to support? How can a clinician be sure they will be satisfied with their partnership with you?

A: Support is key to all we do. Customers are not just a name to us. We are continually working to provide webinars and ebooks, update our how-to videos and improve our product instructions. Our sales team spends a large amount of time attending educational programs so that they can work side by side with our customers and learn together.  

Q: What innovations can dental professionals expect from Whip Mix in the coming months and years?

A: From baby boomers growing older to millennial moms, dental needs are changing. As the dental airway connection grows, more and more children will be tested for airway-related issues requiring the need for pediatric accessories and disposable finger probes. Our new Asiga 3D printers are an exciting addition to our line-for that we have developed our own line of resins for printing models, splints, surgical guides and custom impression trays. We’re also looking at a 3D-printed oral appliance for the treatment of airway.  

Featured Brands

Nox T3 system

Nox T3

Following the medical model of diagnosing, temporary treatment, checking effectiveness, and retesting, Whip Mix brings to you a complete system for diagnosing bruxism and airway for patients that may result in sleep apnea referrals or dual arch oral appliances.

The complete system includes:

  • Easy to use, comfortable home monitoring system that measures 14 different channels including Masseter, Airflow, Effort, Pulse Rate and Audio

  • Registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT) on staff that offers training, reads, reports and a network of sleep apnea physician referrals in every state

  • Dual arch transitional oral appliance designed to protect the teeth, stabilize the mandible, reduce bruxism and maintain the airway

GEMPro system


The GEMPro was designed from the ground up to assist the dentist in managing patients with complaints of snoring and who show signs of damaged teeth as a result of clenching and grinding during sleep. The GEMPro screening system provides a quick and easy way to compare oxygen saturation levels during  bruxing activity. The data is then instantly emailed to the doctor without the patient leaving home.

  • Bruxism – Measures the type, frequency, strength and total masseter energy expenditure

  • Audio – Record snoring and tooth sounds from clenching and grinding

  • Heart Rate– Documents changes in heart rate during sleep, including Brady and Tachycardia

  • Oxygen Desaturation – Proprietary oxygen analysis provides essential information about breathing while asleep

  • Body Position – Provides information on the impact of body position on the quality of sleep

The GEM sleep system


The GEM is an easy to use Pulse Oximeter that utilizes cloud technology for convenient and prompt readings. The GEM is designed to assess the functioning of the airway using SPO2 and variations in heart rate to measure how well the airway is functioning. The Oximeter measures the blood oxygen level and heart rate then transmits the data to the Galaxy Tablet for storage and processing.

Designed for Dentists

  • Screening patients for potential airway obstruction before treatment

  • Titrate sleep appliances on-line, reducing number of office visits

  • Oxygen Desaturation: Proprietary oxygen analysis provides essential information about breathing while asleep

  • Heart Rate: Documents changes in heart rate during sleep

For more information: Whip Mix  |  800-626-5651  |  www.whipmix.com

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