The 2015 DLP Innovator Profiles

Now, these technologies are used by dental laboratory technicians every day, and patients are glad for it.

Bringing you the latest in cutting-edge technology and ideas from around the dental lab industry.

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Have you ever wondered what the dental lab industry would look like without the innovations of the last two decades? Think about a world before CAD/CAM, before the ubiquity of implants, before cutting-edge materials and before 3D printing was anything other than a dream of science fiction writers.

Now, these technologies are used by dental laboratory technicians every day, and patients are glad for it. 

Innovation has made the industry more nimble, helping labs navigate some tricky economic waters. It’s made restorations better, more esthetic and stronger. And innovation has pushed forward what the dental lab is able to do and offer.

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The following pages contain some of the companies making innovation happen. You’ll see cutting-edge materials, dental mills, implant solutions, imaging devices and more. You’ll hear about amazing customer services and manufacturers who see themselves as partners, not salespeople. And you’ll see a glimpse of where the dental lab market is-and where it’s going.

Carestream Dental

Check out the latest in intraoral scanning technology and learn what makes the CS 3500 such an important part of the dentist-laboratory workflow. Click here to read more ...









How can innovation in dental implants help your lab? Two experts from DENTSPLY Implants’ team explain the latest offerings and solutions from their company. Click here to read more ...









Learn about the latest offerings, solutions and software add-ons from this powerful CAD/CAM partner. Click here to read more ...







Glidewell Laboratories

The brand new imaging solution is here: CloudPoint. Learn all about this new scanner and software and how it can help your lab get great results, each and every time. Click here to read more ...







Roland DGA

The dental mill manufacturer has a new wet mill coming out soon. Learn how it can benefit your lab’s offerings while fitting into your existing workflow. Click here to read more ...








Zirkonzahn delivers a start-to-finish workflow that uses reliable and innovative materials and equipment to make sure you get the results you need. Click here to read more ...








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