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10 things you should be using in Eaglesoft but probably aren’t

Issue 1

When leveraged effectively, Eaglesoft can make a dentist’s job easier and take away many stresses of running a practice. But with so many tools available in the program, it can sometimes be difficult to use each one effectively. Below I’ve listed 10 tools in Eaglesoft that every dental practice should be using:

When leveraged effectively, Eaglesoft can make a dentist’s job easier and take away many stresses of running a practice. But with so many tools available in the program, it can sometimes be difficult to use each one effectively. Below I’ve listed 10 tools in Eaglesoft that every dental practice should be using:

1.  Intellicare Reminders
Intellicare Reminders gets my vote for the No. 1 thing offices should be using but are not. This program allows an office to set reminders about patients in each patient’s profile when an appointment is scheduled. It’s a great way to remind staff members to notify patients of specific information such as to collect email addresses, alert a patient they are due for a new pan or even have a patient sign an updated HIPAA form at the time of the appointment. With each reminder tailored to individual patients and easily locatable, this truly is a hidden gem.

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2. InContact
InContact is an excellent interactive contact manager that makes keeping track of your patient base an easy task. It helps you categorize different groups of patients based on recalls, post op calls and many different types of reports. InContact is great for:

  • Notifying patients for recall appointments

  • Making calls on delinquent accounts

  • Tracking patient call responses

  • Generating mailings

3.  Bulk Insurance Payment
Bulk Insurance Payment allows you to distribute a single payment from an insurance company to multiple accounts, which makes entering insurance check payments much easier and more efficient. This tool allows you to submit only one check entry on your deposit slip while permitting you to distribute payments to specific patients. Plus, you are still able to view accounts, update coverage books and apply adjustments.

4. Money Finder
Money Finder does exactly what is says: finds hidden money in your practice! With the ability to locate patients that have outstanding treatments you will see how Money Finder can easily increase your cash flow.

5.  Trends
Trends is a practice management feature that allows you to view office totals according to specified criteria. In the application, you’re able to set yearly or monthly benchmarks for several key performance areas such as collections percentage, number of new patients or number of cases referred. It’s an easy way to track a practice’s progress and change any behaviors to help attain your goals.

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6.  Scheduled Notes
This is a great place for communication for the whole office. You can set up this dockable panel to always display so you can view the messages throughout the day. It provides a streamlined way to stay on top of communications and reach anyone in the office.

7.  Lab Tracking
When using this feature, your office is able to set due dates for the labs you work with and view an easy-to-read icon that shows the progress of delivery. The icon changes from a half empty beaker to full when lab packages arrive. This is a great way to keep tabs on all of your needed lab materials for upcoming appointments without having to make a number of calls or track the packages yourself.

8.  Fast Check-In
Allowing your patients to check-in themselves saves front desk staff an immense amount of time. By using a tablet at the front desk, a patient is able to enter and update contact information, HIPAA forms and medical history. You may also add any custom documents to the check-in process like appointment cancelation forms or financial policies.

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9.  SmartDoc
SmartDoc is a helpful place to save documents received from patients. When an office generates statements or obtains new patient records, they can automatically save the materials to each patient’s SmartDoc for easy access. For example, if a patient calls with questions regarding previous statements, the office can easily locate the materials in that patient’s Smartdoc. Each staff member also has their own private and secure SmartDoc file where employee reviews or documents can be saved. SmartDoc files can even be created for labs and referral sources, so all information is conveniently organized by relevant party.

10.  Snapshot
Snapshot is a useful tool to quickly gauge how a practice is performing against pre-set goals for several categories such as production, new patients and collections. It allows practices to compare averages across different time periods and see how it is improving or view areas that could use a little help. This tool is great for team meetings because it gives visual representations on the health of the practice.

By taking advantage of the above tools, any Eaglesoft user can quickly harness the potential of their practice and truly get the most out of their practice management system.

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