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Check out this behind-the-scenes Q&A with Chris Urist, vice president of Primotec USA.

Check out this behind-the-scenes Q&A with Chris Urist, vice president of Primotec USA.

01. Tell us a little about Primotec USA’s background.

In 2004 Joachim Mosch, the owner of Primotec Germany, wanted to start a U.S. operation because of the great success of the company’s phaser welders. We officially started under the name Dentation, but after 2 years realized there was no point in trying to brand another name because we were really only selling Primotec products.

02. How long have you been involved in the industry and with Primotec?

Well I started with the company in May 2004 when I graduated from college. A friend of mine had met Joachim in Europe and helped him start the U.S. company in New York. He asked me to work for him and I hopped on the opportunity. So I have been with Primotec since the very beginning.

03. You mentioned the phaser welders. How important is it for lab owners to consider what equipment will work best for their lab?

Obviously it is very important. We came out with the phaser mx1 in 2003 as a more economical solution to laser welding. Laser welders are a great product but not every lab can afford them. So that’s where the phaser comes in. We are currently on our 3rd generation machine and always working on improving our products and creating new ones.

04. I see it’s not only equipment you sell but also many light-cured materials. How did you get involved in that?

Primotec was actually started with light-cured materials before the phaser. It was first with Metacon light-cured wax, then primosplint our unique and versatile light-cured bite splint material. We kept creating new products by combining our own ideas along with advice from our customers. Our latest light-cured material, primopattern - a universal modeling resin - was created because many customers told us they were sick of using powder liquid resins. We listened and came up with the primopattern and technicians and doctors love it.

05. All Primotec’s products seem pretty different. How do you decide on new products?

We try to really focus on innovative developments such as our Twister “hands-free” air gun or our Metalight light-curing units that feature a special cooling system. All our products help increase productivity in the lab by increasing the quality, efficiency and speed of production.

06. How do some of your products fit in with the expanding role of technology in the industry?

Well we are actually introducing a new CAD/CAM milling machine this month, which we are very excited about. It is a 5 axis simultaneous fully open wet and dry mill that can mill zirconia, titanium, Co-Cr, ceramics (e.max), wax, pmma and whatever new nano composites are to come.

07. What will set Primotec’s mill apart from the competition?

Of course our mill will be able mill all the day-to-day cases like copings, full-contour crowns, bridges, etc. But we are really focusing on implant bars and abutments. Plus our mill is very efficient and clean so switching from one material to another is very quick and easy because of the design and suction.

08. Besides the mill do you have any other big product launches in 2013?

Yes, we also will be launching new implant navigation software that sets new standards in accuracy. It allows the lab to work directly with the doctor and surgeon to help decide where to place the implants by integrating the DVT, CT scan, cone beam scan, model, and setup if it’s already designed and scanned all in one easy-to-use program. Allowing the lab to create the drilling guide and not outsource it, keeping revenue in-house and saving lots of time.

09. Can we expect to see you in Chicago later this month?

Of course. We will be at the Cal-Lab meeting Thursday, Feb. 21, and then at the Sheraton both Friday and Saturday for Lab Day. We will have our new milling machine up and running both days in hospitality suite 1030 along with the implant navigation software and ongoing lectures by top speakers on both subjects. You can also come see us on the show floor.

10. What can we expect from Primotec in the future?

We have a long-term strategy of sustainability and constant business development. Our goal is to keep evolving as the industry does, creating trends, innovating new products and having even more of a presence in the lab industry in years to come.



Chris Urist

Primotec USA Vice President 10 questions with Primotec's Chris Urist


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