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10 dental-themed Halloween costumes for the whole family


Want to step up your costume game this year? Check out these toothy options!

We’re all familiar with couples costumes, but if you’re determined to win the best costume award this Halloween, then you need to take things up a notch.

Are your kids feeling toothy this fall season? Do you want to prove to your neighbors that you’re the toothiest (and perhaps, kookiest) family on the block? Then get those creative juices flowing and dream up some dental-themed costumes for the whole family!

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Whether you’ve always dreamed of being the tooth fairy or you want to show off your pearly whites by dressing up your little ones like shiny teeth, we’ve complied some of the best dental-themed costume ideas for the family. In a sea of pirate and witch costumes, you and your family are sure to be the talk of the town. (And hey, maybe you’ll even remind those trick-or-treaters to brush and floss after devouring all that candy!)

Click through the slides to check out the costume ideas.



1. Darla Sherman, Dr. P. Sherman and Nemo

Who can forget Dara Sherman, the brace-faced, terrifyingly rambunctious child from Finding Nemo? Channel her spirited energy into this year’s family Halloween costume! (Just please don’t shout “WAKE UP FISHY!” when baby Nemo falls asleep.)

Image via Pinterest/@elizabethparrett on Instagram.


2. Tooth fairy

Let’s be honest - the legend of the tooth fairy sort of fits in perfectly with Halloween. A mythical creature who sneaks into your bedroom at night while you’re asleep to steal your teeth? Yikes!

Fortunately, these tooth fairy costumes are much more tame. And with the amount of candy your kids are sure to get as a result of these adorable costumes, you may be getting a visit from the actual tooth fairy very soon!

Image via Pinterest.


3. Loose tooth

Babies dressed up in any sort of costume are pretty adorable. But dressing up your baby as a loose baby tooth is quite clever! Just be careful - this much sweetness could cause a toothache.

Image via Pinterest.


4. Maniac dentist

We know that many people are afraid to visit the dentist, and dental professionals try their best to minimize those fears - that is, except for when it’s Halloween. Play off of that fear by dressing up your kids like maniacal, crazed dentists. This may not encourage your neighbors to visit your office, but it will score your kids some cool costume points. 

Image via Kmart.


5. Canine tooth fairy

If we’re talking about dental-themed Halloween costumes for the whole family, then we can’t leave out our furry friends! If you’re guilty of treating your dog like royalty, then you’ll love this tooth fairy costume complete with crown and scepter. Just don’t be surprised when your pup starts barking orders at you.

Image via Pinterest/costume-works.com.


6. Child dentist

Growing up with parents who are dentists or hygienists, your kids know “the drill” when it comes to teeth. (We couldn’t help ourselves). If your kids are showing an interest in dentistry, or if they just want to dress up like mom and dad, then this dentist costume is the perfect fit.

Image via fancydressball.co.uk.


7. Hygiene crew

Can’t decide on which of your favorite oral hygiene products to dress up as this year? Now you don’t have to! Have your entire family join in on the dental fun. 

Image via Pinterest/costume-works.com.


8. Tooth with money

If your kids decide to go the tooth fairy costume route, then they’ll need a tooth to complete the ensemble. And who better to dress up as a giant tooth than the family dog? (Your dog may think otherwise, but that’s okay!) Stick some fake dollar bills into the tooth costume for an added touch.

Image via Pinterest. 


9. Toothbrush and tooth

Are your kids constantly complaining about having to brush their teeth? Have you tried to instill the value of good oral hygiene in them to no avail? Really hammer home the point this Halloween by dressing them up as a toothbrush and giant tooth.

Image via Pinterest.


10. Werewolf teeth

As dental professionals, you’ve probably worked on some pretty bad teeth but surely nothing as gnarly as these bloody werewolf fangs. Let your dog show off his inner wolf this Halloween with this training muzzle.

Image via WufWufStore on Etsy.

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