Navigating uncharted waters for your dental practice in 2015

January 30, 2015

Over the years, we have seen many practices struggle to navigate difficult waters. In fact, it seems that lately, there are an alarming number of dental practices having serious challenges staying on course. 

More on dental hygienist salaries: Are you willing to grow yourself to grow your paycheck?

January 29, 2015

Our industry is currently buzzing about a deflate debate … and I’m not referring to the Super Bowl! Our post last week on the numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics initiated more controversy than the Go Daddy commercial pulled from its potential showing for the Super Bowl!

3 things that have made me a better RDH

January 21, 2015

Last week’s “Straight Talk” episode was a huge success! It is apparent that hands-on programs dealing with ultrasonics remain of interest to many of us. Thank you to Rachel Wall for her time and for sharing how we can continue to improve our skills. This inspired me to recognize and appreciate three things that have made me a better dental hygienist.

3 Steps to Increasing Acceptance for Periodontal Services

January 19, 2015

For the last several years, I have been fortunate to work with many of the top dental practices in the country. As I review their vital statistics and study procedures done, I am often alarmed at how often we struggle to provide periodontal services.

Thoughts from Anastasia Turchetta: Taking accountability for your image ... and your actions

January 15, 2015

"You will never change what you tolerate." ~ Joel Osteen Disturbing comments in a closed online group are breathing life into that statement. This week, thirteen male fourth-year dental students were suspended from all clinical activities. As if our dental profession was deficient in relevant material to promote mistrust from within it, to surprisingly hit a whole new set of dysfunctional standards outside of it.

Straight talk: How “rock star” dental hygienists use ultrasonics for success

January 14, 2015

You may think you've heard everything you need to hear about ultrasonics, but Rachel Wall, RDH, the owner of Inspired Hygiene, says that it’s always one of the hottest topics amongst dental hygienists and dental professionals.

Straight Talk: Learning more about the Waterpik Water Flosser

January 14, 2015

Anastasia Turchetta, RDH, the editor of Modern Hygienist, recently sat down with Carol Jahn, senior professional relations manager at Waterpik, to talk about Waterpik and the innovations the company has produced since 1962.

What are your sacred cows?

January 13, 2015

Millennials need to feel as if their treatment is important and that they are on the right track; this means being inquisitive. Is there anything in the practice of dental hygiene that should be exempt from questioning and examination? 

Mind your business, mind your instruments: Gaining the Zen and keeping it

January 13, 2015

Previously, we found our Zen through the right instrumentation that suits the needs and desires of you as well as all the great gums you are gardening on a daily basis. You have learned the tools to get you towards therapy bliss through instrumentation. Now, how about how to take it to the next level and be a great business partner with your employer to acquire these awesome accoutrements?

Anastasia Turchetta's five hot dental hygiene topics for 2015

January 07, 2015

Warning: some football references are found sprinkled in this read! I will not bore you with play analogies for our profession or chant with a “there is no I in team” commentary. My intention is to provoke thought as you begin 2015.