Wendy Briggs on the future role of the dental hygienist

March 31, 2015

In the changing world of dentistry, it is only logical that the role of the dental hygienist will be growing and developing as well. Dental Consultant Jack Abrams sat down with Wendy Briggs, dental hygienist and president of The Team Training Institute to discuss the changing role of the dental hygienist.

What you told us: What's the one thing that makes your day as a dental hygienist better?

March 22, 2015

We asked a simple question on the Modern Hygienist Facebook page: “What is one thing that makes your day as a hygienist better?” We got plenty of answers. It’s typical of the great conversations we often have on our MH Facebook page. If you haven’t “liked us” yet, be sure you do by clicking here. Below are what some of your colleagues told us were the things that made their day better.

From IDS 2015: MOMBrush teaches good brushing habits to dental patients of all ages

March 16, 2015

During the recent IDS meeting in Cologne, Germany, the Dental Products Report crew stopped by the MOMBrush booth to learn more about their tech-savvy system that teaches good brushing habits to dental patients of all ages.

Evidence, hype or manipulation?

March 03, 2015

- "Aging is a risk factor for oral cancer" - "Everyone needs to floss" - "Restorative dentistry restores oral health" What is the truth and current science behind these statements? The automatic answer has a high likelihood of being dated, incorrect or incomplete. The public and many of us believe what happens in clinical dental hygiene practice is based on science. Yet, is it?

Breaking the law, dental hygiene style

March 03, 2015

Dental hygienists are arguably an officious bunch. They love their rules; they trot them out like prize ponies, showing everyone that they know the score and were taught well. But U.S. dental hygienists have a secret. They are thugs, and they don’t even know it.