Dental Products Report-2014-11-01

Dental Products Report

Must-see products at the Greater New York Dental Meeting

December 02, 2014

There will plenty of new dental products to see as more than 54,000 dental professionals descend on the Javits Center during the Greater New York Dental Meeting. The exhibit hall is open from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, and to help you navigate the aisles and booths in the Big Apple, DPR is showcasing 17 products that should be on your GNYDM must-see list.  

3 things to consider about dental codes D4341 and D4342

November 19, 2014

While coaching dental hygiene teams across the country, one of the biggest opportunities we see is with the use of D4342. Here are a few tips for using this code in your practice, and how it relates to D4341. 1. Set your fee for D4342 at 75% of the full quad fee. It's not unusual to see practices set their D4342 fee at 40-50% of the D4341 fee.

Let's talk about money: The 2014 dental fee survey, brought to you by Sikka Software and Dental Products Report

November 19, 2014

Your dental practice may have the latest technology. Your dental practice may have the most awesome team ever assembled. Your dental practice may be in the shiniest, newest building in town. Your dental practice may run with flawless efficiency thanks to the greatest systems known to mankind. However, if your dental practice doesn’t have money, everything else is moot. 

Infographic: Digital radiography in the dental practice

November 10, 2014

For years, there has been talk about digital radiography and why dentists and dental practices should make the switch from film to digital. We've heard the discussions about ROI. We've seen practitioners talk about the benefits of digital radiography for the environment. We've witnessed dentists tell us that digital radiography gives a the "tech-savvy" feel for their patients.

Top 5 compensation mistakes dental practices make

November 04, 2014

Compensation is one of the most complex operational systems in your dental practice. However, when implemented effectively, compensation can be a catalyst for growth, motivation and enhanced morale and performance.

Enhanced efficiencies, happier patients

October 31, 2014

When Dr. Michelle VanDyke-Topp tells her patients she can complete their crown in one day using Planmeca’s PlanScan CAD/CAM solution, most of them are dumbfounded-especially if they’ve been through the traditional process before. 

Top 9 principles for practice management success

October 31, 2014

There are powerful business principles that have a direct impact on practice production. The Levin Group has organized these concepts into what they refer to as The 9 Areas of Practice Expertise and formed consulting curricula and training in all nine categories.