Dental Lab Products June 2015

Digital Esthetics

11 ways to get better esthetics in your dental lab

June 03, 2015

In our most recent feature for Dental Lab Products, we talked a lot about esthetics. As part of that article, we asked the same experts we spoke with in the story what tips they'd give to lab technicians looking to increase the esthetics of their work in a modern context.

Getting Great Esthetics—No Matter What Tools You Use

June 02, 2015

Beauty, artistry and esthetics cover a lot of territory. If you ask 10 different technicians what makes a case esthetically pleasing, you’re likely to get 10 different answers. To be sure, they will all include the same components, including tooth shape, color, translucence and the like, but the ratios in each technician’s particular recipe will likely differ.