Dental Lab Products-2010-04-01

Digital Esthetics

Full-Contour Productivity

June 26, 2012

Staying competitive in the current economy has increased the need for an alternative to gold-based restorations. I am constantly thinking of ways to use my CAD/CAM system to streamline and improve productivity while maintaining and ensuring quality.

Pizzi on fixed: Enamel filtration

June 26, 2012

Ceramic layering is still the most critical aspect of an esthetic restoration regardless of the ceramic material used or the substructure makeup. Whether the base structure for our ceramic was fabricated by hand, CAD/CAM milled, or pressed, our ability to understand the layering process is still the key to success.

Managing remotely

March 21, 2012

Do you have employees who work from home? Or employees such as sales reps working on the road with no set home base? Or how about employees working in an established location but being managed by an off-site manager such as in a satellite lab?. If you do, you know managing off-site employees in each of these scenarios has its rewards and challenges. If you are considering a remote management situation or are being challenged by an existing situation, keep the following key points in mind. Choose the right people

Champions of the vision

March 21, 2012

Champions of the vision A corporate vision sets the overall goals of an organization. It is a forward-thinking statement that defines who the company is and serves as a beacon for corporate direction, providing a road map for the future. But the realization of any corporate vision requires a leader, men and women whose passion and commitment keep the company’s mission sharply in focus, employees inspired, and the message to customers clear.

Up-close & personal

March 21, 2012

The current economy has forced many labs to add new clients to fill the void of work no longer coming in. To do so, some have curbed advertising and marketing, while others have stepped it up. One thing is certain: You have to get in front of your existing and prospective customers for some face time. But what can you do to make your sales calls more effective? Be Prepared