Dental Lab Products-2013-02-01

Digital Esthetics

New Product: lay:art mixing trays from Renfert USA

February 27, 2013

Live out your standards in esthetics and individuality with style, quality and functionality from modern Europe with lay:art mixing trays. Choose from 8 different and all high quality mixing trays.  All trays fit into the ergonomically designed chassis with a protective and removable top. The range trays start from the glass tray with moistening stripes over self-moistening ceramic trays to natural agate or stylish glass trays.  

New Product: Obsidian lithium silicate ceramic crowns from Glidewell Laboratories

February 19, 2013

High-strength Obsidian™ lithium silicate ceramic crowns are indicated for the fabrication of full-contour crowns, 3-unit anterior bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays that are said to exhibit lifelike esthetics and toughness. Unlike layered ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations, the restorations are resistant to chipping due to their monolithic composition and average flexural strength of 373 MPa. They are said to exhibit an ideal combination of esthetics and strength with translucency that mirrors the vitality of natural teeth.  

Smarter choices in dental brand management

February 12, 2013

If marketing is about communicating with the public, then the sub-discipline known as branding is about projecting a unique identity that enables a dental lab to be memorable and recognizable. And so, a good dental lab marketing plan begins with answering this simple question: “Why should I (the dentist) pick this lab over any other?”

Technology offers efficiency, esthetics to aid dental lab design

February 12, 2013

As everyone in the dental industry knows, technology is moving at a rapid pace and helping dental technicians work faster as well. We were not able to fabricate restorations as quickly or accurately in the past but we have greatly surpassed what we used to be able to do with the invention of CAD/CAM and other technologically advanced equipment.

I MADE THAT: BruxZir Solid Zirconia

February 06, 2013

When Robin Carden and the team at Glidewell Laboratories began the BruxZir development process in 2007, they wanted to create a monolithic zirconia material with improved translucency and strength. Carden led the process, with a team of about 50 people contributing. Thanks to President/CEO Jim Glidewell’s commitment to R&D and investment in the machines necessary to make it happen, BruxZir® Solid Zirconia was released in 2009, and has been gaining in popularity ever since.