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Digital Esthetics

Step-by-step: A full-arch, metal free zirconia restoration

June 18, 2015

Technology keeps moving and changing with noticeably different and better results. In the author’s career, he has been fortunate enough to be involved with several full-mouth restoration cases. We have three laboratory options from which to choose for these types of cases:

How to handle digital files from your dental clients

November 18, 2014

The word’s out! Digital dentistry is no longer a dream. It isn’t about the future. It is here and now. It is here to stay. Unfortunately, as with any fast-evolving methodology, doctors have an abundance of choices to handle their digital requirements.

9 digital lab trends you NEED to know [VIDEO]

October 16, 2014

Dentistry is advancing into the digital era faster than most had anticipated. Not many people can doubt that these digital trends will only accelerate. We believe the age of the Full Digital Lab is almost upon us. Here are nine things we see: