Zyris’ Isolite Anterior Isolation System Designed to Provide Continuous, Hands-Free HVE Suction

New solution offers anterior isolation, HVE suction, and lip retraction from bicuspid to bicuspid, as well as aerosol reduction.

The new Isolite Anterior Isolation System from Zyris is designed to provide continuous, hands-free HVE suction throughout a procedure. The use of HVE suction has shown to help reduce droplets and aerosols from dental procedures up to 90% compared to using a saliva ejector or no HVE suction.

Clinicians can perform procedures efficiently on a dry field in the anterior region with superior HVE suction and retraction. This moisture reduction and isolation ensure that bonds dry more effectively and remain intact longer.

With the new isolation system users can achieve excellent visibility and access to the anterior region with lip, tongue, and cheek retraction. This is beneficial for the daily work of general dentists, prosthodontists, cosmetic dentists, hygienists and orthodontists.

Another feature benefits patients, who are said to be comfortable with the soft and flexible polymer Mouthpiece, which accommodates the upper and lower lip frenulum. Set the Mouthpiece quickly and start performing rapid, quality procedures on the anterior region.

The Isolite Anterior Isolation System is a complete system that connects directly into your chair’s HVE, and is meant to be a permanent addition to your dental chair. It comes with an adapter that allows you to keep your existing HVE line.

What's Included:

  • 10 Isolite Anterior Single-Use Mouthpieces (6 medium, 4 large)
  • 6 autoclavable Isolite Anterior HVE connector tips
  • Y-adapter to connect to an HVE port if needed

Zyris collaborated with over 30 clinical evaluators to develop the Isolite Anterior Isolation System, including Barry Freydberg, DDS, who says,"Placing veneers and bonding can be tough on the lowers. With the Anterior [Isolation System], there is no fear of a squirt or flow of saliva contaminating them, a lip moving them, or an ability to ascertain they are seated properly prior to light-curing them."

For nearly 12 months, the company worked closely with a group of clinical advisors to develop this new isolation system. They were told that they found the Isolite Anterior System and Mouthpiece helped them with the following procedures: Veneer fit and placement, Implants, Orthodontic bonding and wire placement, Invisalign button placement, Enamel bonding or abrasion, Bleaching, periodontal composite resin fillings, extractions, post and core build-up, and therapeutic pulpotomy.

There are 2 ways to attach your Anterior System to HVE Suction: Using an available HVE port, or using a Y-adapter when an HVE port is unavailable.