Zyris’ dental isolation systems now exclusively distributed by Henry Schein


Company to offer Zyris’ complete dental isolation system featuring Isolite 3, Isovac 2, Isodry, and full line of mouthpieces.

Henry Schein distributes Isolite.

Zyris’ complete dental isolation system, including Isolite® 3, will now be exclusively distributed by Henry Schein, Inc.

Henry Schein recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with Zyris, Inc. (formerly, Isolite Systems) to be the exclusive distributor of their complete dental isolation system. The company is offering Zyris’ complete dental isolation system and its full line of mouthpieces to help dental practitioners, dental assistants, and hygienists have greater control and visibility for dental procedures that require patients’ teeth to be isolated, and repaired dry, such as laser surgery, crown preparations, restorations, or extractions.

Minimizing bacteria to the mouth, this suite of solutions can enhance infection control protocols and aerosol management, helping practices provide a safer, and more efficient patient experience. The dental isolation system features hands-free, high-volume evacuator (HVE) devices, and mouthpieces – all manufactured in the United States – that connect to a dental chair’s HVE line, giving dental professionals continuous suction throughout the entire procedure; retraction of the patient’s tongue and cheek to provide dentists with more working room; and airway protection from the water, blood, saliva, and debris associated with dental surgery.

Designed to improve safety, comfort, and convenience for patients, as well as enhance practice efficiencies, Zyris’ dental isolation system, as exclusively distributed by Henry Schein, includes:

  • Isolite 3 – The isolation device provides continuous hands-free suction to evacuate debris, helping to help mitigate negative variables that can impact treatment, including moisture, contamination, soft tissue interference, low visibility, and restricted access. To help improve visibility and access into a patient’s oral cavity, the tool features an integrated, long-lasting LED light (white and non-curing amber) with three levels of brightness. Illumination from this tool can provide enhanced visibility when placing light- sensitive materials, including resins, composites, and adhesives.
  • Isovac® 2 – This tool is an adapter that can help improve mobility in the practice workflow, as it can easily be relocated to any operatory in a dental practice, and connected to an existing HVE line, ideal for dental teams who need additional support to maximize productivity. The Isovac 2 control head can be disassembled in seconds for quick and easy cleaning. Further contributing to increased efficiencies, the Isovac 2 is sold as a three-pack, which allows for one Isovac 2 to be in use, one Isovac 2 to be ready for the next patient, and one Isovac 2 to be cleaned and autoclaved after each patient.
  • Isodry® – Connected directly into the dental chair’s HVE line and featuring an integrated vacuum hose, the strong, ultra-lightweight Isodry control head assembly is constructed of titanium and weighs only 2.5 ounces. The tool comes with six vacuum pipes that connect Zyris’ mouthpieces to the Isodry control head, giving dental teams the ability to treat six patients before the vacuum pipes need to be autoclaved.
  • Mouthpieces – Zyris’ patented, single-use mouthpieces, which can be attached to each of the three devices, retract the patient’s tongue and cheek, protect the patient’s airway, and keep the mouth gently propped open. Continuous two-channel adjustable suctioning facilitates the reduction of aerosols intraorally during dental procedures. Available in six sizes, the mouthpieces are designed to comfortably fit a broad range of patients from pediatric to geriatric, and each mouthpiece is constructed of soft polymeric material to help ensure their comfort.

For more information, please visit henryscheindental.com/isolite.

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