Zubler Releases Updated VARIO Ceramic Ovens

Zubler has updated its VARIO line of ceramic ovens with a new touch display that allows for quick information loading and retrieval. The VARIO 230 and 230ZR will feature the new display, which is designed to offer easier navigation and more efficient, comfortable operation.

The 230 line also boasts Z-120 Technology, which allows the 120 mm diameter firing chamber to heat homogeneously and at consistent temperatures across the entire firing tray. Full arches can be placed anywhere on the firing tray and multiple units can be placed across the tray and processed. The 230 line also features Z-Dry mode for optimal pre-drying to avoid cracks and blisters.

Additionally, the VARIO 230ZR features TTC Mode. These program types allow linear cooling prior to the “Open time” portion of programs. Designed to prevent CTE mismatch, warping, and cracking of sensitive ceramics like lithium disilicate and zirconia and layered zirconia, TTC Mode has become the go-to program type for Zirconia full arch layering, staining, and glazing, according to a press release from Zubler.