ZimVie Unveils Biotivity™ A/C Plus Membrane, Elevating Dental Biomaterials Portfolio


This new biomaterial from ZimVie called Biotivity aims to increase comfort and growth factor.

ZimVie Unveils Biotivity™ A/C Plus Membrane, Elevating Dental Biomaterials Portfolio. Image credit: © ZimVie

ZimVie Unveils Biotivity™ A/C Plus Membrane, Elevating Dental Biomaterials Portfolio. Image credit: © ZimVie

ZimVie, a prominent global player in dental and spine solutions, has introduced its latest innovation–the Biotivity™ A/C Plus Membrane. This growth factor-rich membrane marks a significant expansion for ZimVie into the burgeoning growth factor biomaterials sector and is now readily available across the United States, according to a press release from ZimVie.

Dental professionals often rely on bone grafting procedures, coupled with protective barrier membranes, to repair and reconstruct the jaw, laying a foundation for successful dental implant placements. ZimVie's Biotivity A/C Plus Membrane distinguishes itself by offering a novel approach to dental biomaterials, particularly by delving into the expansive growth factor segment. The membrane, designed for site coverage and protection against the oral environment, contains a rich blend of growth factors, cytokines, chemokines, and hyaluronic acid proven to facilitate optimal wound healing.1-3

Indraneel Kanaglekar, Senior Vice President and President of ZimVie Dental, emphasized the company's commitment to addressing customer needs and providing cutting-edge solutions. "We remain focused on bringing new products to market to meet customer needs and ensure their teams have the best solutions at their disposal," said Kanaglekar. He further highlighted the unique features of Biotivity A/C Plus, stating, "Biotivity's triple-layer structure is thicker than conventional A/C membranes and may contribute to enhanced conformability and growth factor content.”1,2,4

Derived from human placental tissue, the Biotivity A/C Plus Membrane boasts a growth factor-charged composition. Comprising the amnion, intermediate, and chorion layers, this biomaterial undergoes minimal manipulation using proprietary processing techniques. These methods preserve natural mechanical properties, elasticity, and a host of biological enhancers, including growth factors and cytokines.5,6 The product's sterilization is ensured through the Excellion® Process and terminal sterilization with Electron-Beam irradiation. An important distinction from other A/C membranes in the market is that Biotivity A/C Plus is not treated with antibiotics during processing.5,7

Wound healing plays a pivotal role in dentistry, serving as a linchpin for successful oral and maxillofacial interventions. Dental procedures, such as extractions, implant placements, and bone grafting, inherently involve tissue manipulation, necessitating a robust and efficient healing process. The integrity of oral tissues, including gums and bones, directly influences the outcomes of these interventions. Efficient wound healing not only accelerates recovery but also mitigates the risk of complications, such as infections and delayed tissue regeneration, which are critical considerations in maintaining optimal oral health. In the context of innovations like ZimVie's Biotivity A/C Plus Membrane, rich in growth factors and biological enhancers, the emphasis on wound healing becomes even more pronounced. By leveraging advanced biomaterials designed to facilitate and expedite the healing cascade, dentistry not only ensures the durability of restorative work but also enhances the overall patient experience by minimizing discomfort and promoting long-term oral well-being.

Professionals interested in learning more about ZimVie's dental implants, connected solutions, and continuing education opportunities can explore the company's offerings at their website.

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