ZimVie Announces Launch of RealGUIDE CAD and FULL SUITE Software

ZimVie’s new software modules will allow clinicians to do more advanced and sophisticated restorative design.

ZimVie has announced the launch of the RealGUIDE CAD and FULL SUITE software modules. These modules, designed for ZimVie’s digital dentistry platform, are capable of detailed and advanced restorative design and manufacturing, according to a press release from ZimVie. FULL SUITE ties the CAD module to RealGUIDE’s Plan, App, and Guide modules, collating this experience for sophisticated, 1-stop design situations.

The CAD module is said to simplify restorative digital workflows, guiding users with the help of a new user interface, and allowing them to utilize a generic design starting point. This starting point can then be highly customized and detailed during the design process with the help of new free-form tools. RealGUIDE is cloud-licensed, adding a convenience factor for many dental professionals.

FULL SUITE and CAD combine for a fully integrated system, providing clinicians with the ability to implant plan, do guided surgery, and restorative design, per ZimVie. Cloud and mobile technology are added benefits, allowing for mobility and efficiency.

“Our digital platform helps users streamline dental practices and labs of all sizes, which can help contribute to successful patient outcomes and provide the foundation for future digital workflow innovations in the ZimVie dental portfolio.” SVP and President of ZimVie Indraneel Kanaglekar says in the press release.