Zest Dental Launches ENCOMPASS Overdenture Solution

This digitally powered overdenture treatment is designed to reduce patient visits by 50%.

Zest Dental Solutions has announced the release of ENCOMPASS™, an all-inclusive, digitally-powered overdenture treatment system through a partnership with Absolute Dental Services. ENCOMPASS can reduce patient visits by 50%, while providing them with customized, high-quality overdentures, according to a press release from the company.

Each ENCOMPASS bundle box includes an Absolute NavaGation™ Pilot Guide and treatment plan; 2, 4, or 6 all-in-one Zest LOCATOR Implants and Abutments with processing pack; a premium Absolute Forever Denture™; CHAIRSIDE Attachment processing Material; Denture Removal Tool; CHAIRSIDE Rubber Finishing and Tapered Carbide Burs; Fixation; and a Denture ID microchip. The end result is said to be a comprehensive solution focused on precision and efficiency.

This cloud-based, digital workflow is designed to deliver enhanced case planning and efficiency for the clinician, streamlining the entire process to help reduce patient visits by as much as 50%, the company states, freeing up valuable chairtime. The ENCOMPASS Pilot Surgical Guide further adds to this precision and consistency, allowing the clinician to maintain the correct depth and placement for optimum overdenture support and patient comfort.

The Lucitone 3D Carbon Printed, Absolute Forever Denture that is included in the bundle is a 3D, custom-printed overdenture that is reportedly 3-times stronger than the minimum ISO strength standard for a denture. Created on a Carbon® M2 printer, each overdenture is the perfect combination of precision, strength, and esthetics. It is designed to give clinicians the ability to customize the tissue portion with 5 different shades of pink, adding to a realistic outcome.

The precision overdentures are held in place with 2, 4, or 6 LOCATOR abutments and implants. The progressive diameter design, self-tapping tip, and RBM-treated surface allows clinicians to place Zest implants in both standard and narrow ridges.