Zest Dental Adds LOCATOR FIXED Full-Arch Solution to LOCATOR Family

Zest Dental has introduced a new member to its LOCATOR family of products. The LOCATOR FIXED is a full-arch solution, allowing clinicians to move between fixed and removable with the same abutment.

Zest Dental Solutions has announced a new member of its LOCATOR family of products. The LOCATOR FIXED™ is a full-arch solution which is said to be less invasive, less costly, and requires less bone reduction, according to a press release from Zest Dental. Clinicians will be able to offer removable overdentures followed by a FIXED full-arch by switching out LOCATOR inserts and housings in the existing prosthesis then fabricating a new prothesis later.

LOCATOR FIXED is designed to be more cost efficient solution for patients while touting a less invasive quality that they will also enjoy. An online course will be available to help clinicians newer to LOCATOR FIXED, according to CEO of Zest Tom Stratton.

“LOCATOR FIXED is the next stage in the long and prestigious LOCATOR story, the most trusted abutment for overdentures, and it moves Zest from an implant-retained overdenture company, to one that provides game-changing, full-arch solutions,” Stratton said in the press release. “If you’re new to overdentures or FIXED treatment plans, providing full-arch solutions is now easier than you may think and many can be trained to do FIXED cases after a short LOCATOR FIXED online course!”

With LOCATOR FIXED, practices can have more flexibility in moving between removable and fixed solutions with the same abutment.

LOCATOR FIXED is expected to have a full market release in early 2023.