Zahn Dental unveils comprehensive CAD/CAM line

Zahn Dental unveiled Novux, its comprehensive line of CAD/CAM equipment, at this year's Lab Day Chicago.

Zahn Dental recently showcased new, integrated and flexible digital materials and technology solutions at the recent LMT LAB DAY Chicago. One of the biggest products announced was a new, comprehensive package of CAD/CAM material called Novux®.

Novux flexible digital solutions include integrated scanners, 4-axis dry/5-axis wet/dry mills, 3D printers and sintering furnaces designed to enable laboratories to operate more profitably while enhancing patient treatment outcomes. High-resolution, precision and open scanning technology works with Novux equipment and other CAD programs for flexible and seamless digital workflows. Compact and open milling units are engineered to precisely manufacture restorations from an array of materials, including Zirlux®, Zirlux® Acetal, BruxZir®, KATANA, wax, titanium and non-precious metals, and others.

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Fully adaptable, programmable, and customizable Novux furnace options reportedly enable the right processing of the right materials while ensuring easy operation and consistent, distortion-free results. Novux 3D printer options are said to be easy to operate, produce very smooth and solid surface structures, and enable laboratories to maximize their production workflow. Post-curing of 3D printed materials can then be accomplished quickly and uniformly with the 3D Print Box, a new light box.

For more information about the Novux line, or about any other Zahn  Dental products, visit or call 800-496-9500.