Zahn Dental Announces the Launch of Zirlux Transitions Zirconia

New transitional layered zirconia discs feature special shading for enhanced esthetics that match the look of natural teeth.

Featuring "Smart Incisal Technology" Zirlux Transitions from Zahn Dental is a new transitional layered zirconia designed to provide both esthetics and strength.

The material's transitional shading creates a blueish gray effect on the top third of the disc which reportedly minimizes the white hue found in zirconia restorations to create restorations that mimic the look and translucency of natural teeth. A patented innovation, this transitional shading produces a higher chroma in the cervical area and decreasing chroma toward the incisal area.

The new zirconia material provides strength of 1200 megapascals to ensure lasting restorations. The material is available in all 16 classic VITA shades as well as a bleach shade in 98.5 mm discs.