Zahn Dental announces agreement with Formlabs at LMT Lab Day

Zahn Dental will offer Formlabs’s Form 2 desktop 3D printers and high-performance dental resins.

Zahn Dental, Henry Schein, Inc.’s dental laboratory business, announced today at LMT Lab Day Chicago 2017 a distribution agreement with Formlabs, designer and manufacturer of powerful and accessible 3D printing systems. As part of the agreement, Zahn Dental will offer Formlabs’s Form 2 desktop 3D printers and high-performance dental resins.

The printer, which uses Dental SG Resin-one of the first biocompatible resins in desktop 3D printing-offers laboratories an in-house solution that reportedly helps enhance the precision and accuracy of biocompatible surgical guides. In addition to surgical guides, Form 2 can be used for a variety of dental applications designed to help improve patient outcomes of surgical procedures, such as orthodontic crown and bridge models, educational models, bleaching trays, retainers and aligners.
“Zahn’s agreement with Formlabs underscores our commitment to providing customers with digital solutions they can rely on,” says Ken Haldeman, general manager of Zahn Dental - U.S. “Formlabs products have become indispensable tools for dental innovation. By continuing to offer innovative material and technology, we-together with our partners, including Formlabs-are helping drive the adoption of digital dentistry, which is powered by 3D printing.”
“We are very excited to be working with Zahn to offer this market-leading solution for laboratory technicians who are looking to push new boundaries in digital dentistry,” says Luke Winston, head of sales and service at Formlabs.
To learn more about Form 2, visit or stop by Grand Ballrooms E, F at LAB DAY. Also at LAB DAY, Gideon Balloch, Dental Product Lead, Formlabs will participate in a #ScheinChat, a Henry Schein Facebook Live discussion, with Bob Cohen, director of product development for Zahn Dental, on Saturday, Feb. 25 at 9 a.m. CST, which can be viewed at Henry Schein Dental's Facebook page.