YMCA kids get a teeth-brushing lesson

dentalproductsreport.com-2012-03-01, Issue 3

Bernard Fialkoff, a periodontist and dental implant specialist and his office staff visited the Flushing YMCA to educate and entertain a class of 4- to 11-year-old students to help educate students on the right way to brush! February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and Dr. Fialkoff arranged for the community kids to learn about dental hygiene and health at the right age – before cavities hit.

His staff talked about what a dentist is, why dental health and overall health is important for energy, and brought in a demo of a mouth in which the students could practice brushing their teeth. The young participants were awe-struck by the plastic “mouth” and how people have 32 teeth in which to take care. They showed a video and showed the kids how to brush all of their teeth: starting with the inside teeth, then the top of the teeth, next with the inside teeth, and lastly, by brushing the tongue. They explained how sugar and not brushing your teeth can cause cavities and plaque.

Every participant was able to practice brushing their teeth on the plastic mouth and one-by-one the kids took the brush to learn this skill. The staff gave every YMCA student a certificate for having participated in Children’s Dental Health Month and learning how to take care of their teeth.

Dr. Fialkoff has a periodontal, dental implant, and cosmetic laser surgery office for more than 26 years in Bayside, N.Y. The office website and blog, which includes photos and other community activities of the office, is www.baysidedentist.com.