Yates Motloid releases 2010 catalog

January 25, 2010 | dlpmagazine.comNEWSYates Motloid 2010 catalog blends supply lines

January 25, 2010 | dlpmagazine.com

Yates Motloid 2010 catalog blends supply lines

Now certified to ISO 9001 and 13485, Yates Motloid has provided quality products to the dental lab market for over 50 years. The 2010 Yates Motloid catalog marks an exciting re-branding initiative for this product line, with the merger of these two well-known dental lab supply companies.

Yates Motloid products address a variety of needs. Product categories include acrylics; burs & drills; buffing & burnishing compounds; waxes; welding, plating and soldering machines; separating media; and more. Their solution-focused team of professionals is dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial partnership with our customers. Yates Motloid products are approved by many leading dental schools and used by labs worldwide.

Along with a fresh new look come exciting cost-saving options.  Try their gels for protecting the gums during the teeth whitening process.  Special colored Coldpac ortho resin monomer is available in up to ten bright shades including turquoise, cola and denim.  Save time and money with heavy-duty razor-sharp state-of-the-art tungsten steel burs; indicated for cutting acrylics, these come in five shapes for orthotics, prosthetics, and more.

Purchase Yates Motloid products through an extensive network of international distributors including all major dental dealers;  online at www.yatesmotloid.com; or call 800-662-5021.