Wireless DC-Air X-Ray Sensor Available for Pre-Order

Freedom Technologies Group (FTG) will be the U.S. distributor for Athlos Oy’s DC-Air™ intraoral x-ray imaging sensor. Athlos Oy received 510(k) acceptance in July, which cleared the way for FTG to begin accepting pre-orders online for the new sensor.

The DC-Air is is a true wireless x-ray sensor that utilizes direct conversion technology for greater native sharpness. It’s said to be the only sensor on the market that to adopt the latest Bluetooth™ technology standards for rapid and reliable image transmission, eliminating the number one point of failure associated with other sensors: the wire.

DC-Air is constructed with homogenous internal components that make it significantly more durable. It has IP67 rating and will withstand the rigors of daily use.

In addition, DC-Air holders incorporate a patent-pending design that is said not to add any bulk to the sensor’s profile in the mouth. Coupled with the senor’s thin profile, it’s designed to offer patient comfort and easy positioning.