Why your boss is lucky to have you as a part of the dental practice

You all think it, but it is taboo to say out loud … so I will do the talking for you.

You all think it, but it is taboo to say out loud … so I will do the talking for you.

Your boss is so lucky to have you. Does he or she really understand all the value you bring to the practice? It is time to toot your own horn … and I’m here to do it for you.

Let’s begin …

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  • WE get things done efficiently and timely. You don’t praise us enough for doing the job correctly and well. Some of the daily job challenges we go through could easily be graded at the end of the day as “exceptional” or “going above and beyond” what the job requires on a daily basis. My question to you, Dr. Dentist is, “What about those who are doing the job and doing it quite well?” Praise us. Say thank you. Let us know you see what we are doing. We don’t have to be exceptional, but we are so many times during the course of the day. You hired us to do a job, and we are good at it. Please acknowledge that.

  • WE care about your patients. This is huge! If we don’t care about the patients, it is time to get rid of some of us. This is a customer-satisfaction business. If some of us are doing this just for the paycheck and our goal at the end of the day is just to make ends meet, I understand that, but we need to care about the patients or find another place to work. It’s brutal but the truth. In this day and age, with competition the way it is, not much really differentiates your practice from the next one. One may specialize in kids, adults, endodontics or oral surgery, but the glaring truth is that customer service is the real issue. If we care about your patients, it shows. We all know it’s hard to go to the dentist. It can cost big bucks and interfere with what people are doing in the daytime (such as taking PTO from work while getting stuck sitting in a waiting room). Yes, the dental care may be exceptional at your practice, but if some of us don’t care about your patients, it shows.

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3. WE could get paid more in a different industry. Ouch! Are we getting paid what we think we are worth? Nope. Very few of us feel we are. The truth is other industries pay better. Yes, you might have to go and get more training by going to school or something. You know this isn’t the highest paid profession.

4. WE are team players. We are not talking about “taking one for the team.” We are referring to the fact that you can’t run a successful practice without a strong team. Sometimes we have to work late just because the patients (or doctors) were late and delayed our other appointments. Do we think this practice will thrive if we don’t accommodate the patients (within reason)? In most practices, it is hard to get out on time. It is the nature of the beast. We don’t like it, but we do it anyway.

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5. WE love what we do. Not many people can say that about their careers. Let’s face it: It takes a certain kind of person to be able to handle blood, saliva, stitches, swelling, painful cries and the obnoxious and demanding patients. We find  this is a “calling.” No, it isn’t like mission work or becoming a nun or priest. It is finding that this work puts value in our lives. We found that in this profession of helping people deal with dental issues.

So, what is it WE want the boss to know? WE want to be respected for what we do. WE don’t have to be a superstar to be a great employee yet most of us are superstars in our own way. Doing a great job should be acknowledged and appreciated. This could be demonstrated in the way of a raise or bonus or even in use of flex time. Even a “thank you” on a daily basis goes a long ways. Being a competent worker who goes above and beyond in this day and age is very rare in some industries (and even some dental practices). Don’t you think we should be rewarded for what we do well?

Print this out. Paste it in your break room. Let the boss know that he or she is awfully lucky to have you.

If you agree with me, shoot me an email at diana2@discussdirectives.com. Let me know what is important to you and how I can help.

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