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Why practice management systems are crucial


The DentiMax Practice Management Software is pushing dental practices forward.

There are many ways that technology helps push dental practices forward, and the fact is that patients expect dental offices to be up to date on technology. Dentistry is no longer a service; it’s a commodity. People now view themselves as both a patient and consumer, and they’re shopping around.

“It is a must to use new technology to stay competitive,” says Peter Yang, DDS. “Patients are expecting dental offices to have digital technology nowadays.”

Digital technology is key for a successful dental practice. To grow, it is essential to have both decent case acceptance as well as a solid influx of new patients. Without certain systems, it’s impossible to ensure either. The impact of digital dentistry on practice management and patient education (through tools such as intraoral imaging and digital X-rays, in particular) is spectacular.

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Practice management systems are crucial to the health of a dental practice. They help automate time-consuming tasks so that both the clinical and front office teams can focus on face-to-face interactions with patients.

Scheduling, patient communication and accounting are all automated in practice management software, such as DentiMax’s Practice Management Software. Because appointment reminders and confirmations are automated and easy, fewer scheduling mishaps reportedly happen and the books are filled with patients who can actually make their appointments.

Patients can even store personal and financial information, such as IDs, insurance cards, signatures and other documents, securely in the practice’s server. They can be accessed online from anywhere, which means the dentist can go above and beyond and put in less effort. Have an after-hours call with a patient? His or her health records are available from any computer. Need to issue a prescription from out of town? Do so online.

It also helps patients view the dental practice in a more positive light. Patients are now hyper critical of any experience they pay for (or get for free - there are reviews of public parks on Yelp). The dental office is not excluded.

It takes around one minute to size up a dental office. Patients will look at the staff, technology and general office esthetic and use that information to judge the dentist’s clinical skills. They will decide in minutes whether to accept proposed treatment plans, come back for a hygiene appointment or make referrals, so it is critical to have up-to-date technology and decor. The entire office must convey quality.

Practice management systems also allow for secure data backups, which means that any practice connected can be up and running after an emergency. With a major portion of the business side covered, focusing on patient care is easier.

Dr. Yang uses DentiMax’s Practice Management Software to operate his dental practice on a daily basis.

“It’s the heart and soul of how I run my busy office,” he says. “DentiMax has allowed me to see more patients and deliver better care.”

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Because the software helps Dr. Yang be efficient and productive, the effect on patients is that more are seen and they are receiving the best possible care from Dr. Yang. A comprehensive practice management system also influences patient education, a lack of which can lead to a fear of the dentist, substandard oral health habits and denial of treatment plans. Dentists know that dictating the importance of certain steps or procedures isn’t enough for many patients. That’s why it’s imperative to have high-quality digital images that the patient can view immediately after having them taken.

Digital sensors are much more comfortable for patients. DentiMax Dream Sensors are built from the latest technology, offering high-quality digital X-ray images and compatibility with hardware and software. They come in two sizes to comfortably reach a broader patient range. View DentiMax digital X-rays from any practice management software, thanks to the open system, or capture images from virtually any digital panoramic X-ray machine, intraoral camera or flatbed scanner, and see the images right away within the DentiMax software.

Having images so easily accessible is a major benefit in diagnosis and treatment planning, and it also aids in patient education. Finally, they can see what you see.

Modern technology also offers patients the opportunity to access resources from their own homes. They can then learn more about their health and proposed treatment on their own time, ensuring that they have opportunities to make educated, confident decisions about their health.

Increased patient education and comfort leads to happier, more trusting patients, and more trusting patients are more inclined to accept treatment plans.

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Although DentiMax Practice Management Software has several functionalities that other practice management systems don’t have, one of its benefits really stands above all the rest.

“Everyone in my office likes how easy it is to use,” says Dr. Yang. “It has all the essential components of a dental management software but is not as confusing as the other brands. My staff can teach a new employee how to use DentiMax in less than a day.”

It is easy for your team to learn the software as well, with onsite and online training. Just choose the option that works best for your practice.

Technology is here to make life easier, not more complicated. As every aspect of the dental practice is affected, take advantage of the capabilities. Spend less time waiting and completing repetitive tasks and more time being face-to-face with your patients.

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