Whip Mix begins manufacturing, distribution of critical nasal swabs

Dental product manufacturer Whip Mix has announced it will make and supply nasopharyngeal swabs for the state of Kentucky in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company sells and uses 3D printing technology in its own operations, which enables Whip Mix to help meet the overwhelming demand for testing swabs.

“We were aware that the nasal swabs were in high demand everywhere, so we set out to do what we could to help remedy the problem,” said Whip Mix President Jim Myers. “As a manufacturer in the state of Kentucky, we approached the state health organization to offer our services, and they accepted. Whip Mix is proud to be able to help our state test as many people as possible, in order to begin to control the spread of the virus.”

The company has dedicated its resources and research team to design a special formula for the swabs. The design, which was provided by the University of Louisville, was tested and validated on patients at the University of Louisville Hospital and Norton Healthcare. Whip Mix’s swabs are made of a clear, flexible lattice and were developed for the optimal balance of patient comfort and reliable sample collection.

For more information, visit whipmix.com.