When Looking for New Hires, Take it Slow

The people you hire can make or break the success of your practice. No one knows this better than Dr. Anne Marie Gorczyca, whose book "Beyond the Morning Huddle- HR Management for a Successful Dental Practice" outlines a hiring process to optimize your results. Continue below for more of Gorczyca's hiring advice.

No matter what role you're hiring for, pace yourself and you will find the results you seek.

When looking new hires, the stakes are high.

This is why you must take the time necessary to get to know the person with whom you are about to make a long-term commitment. After all, because you may be spending 40 hours a week together for the next 20 years. Give the hiring process the time and attention it needs and deserves because who you hire is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your dental office.

In my book "Beyond the Morning Huddle- HR Management for a Successful Dental Practice," I outline a 13-step hiring process. It includes:

1. Review of all resumes

2. Initial phone call interview

3. Checking of references and background check

4. Office meet and greet

5. The interview

6. License verification

7. In office skills assessment #1

8. Team meeting

9. In office skills assessment #2

10. Team meeting and consideration

11. Team unanimous decision

12. Final background check

This hiring process usually takes two to four weeks. It gives the candidate, doctor, and the team adequate time to discover which candidate is a natural fit into their office culture and how jobs duties might be rearranged within the dental office to accommodate a smooth welcome, integration and transition of duties to include the new hire. It also allows present team members to evolve into new roles, which might be a great fit for everyone on the team.

Don't rush the hiring process. Enjoy every minute of it, and be selective about who you hire by taking time to have crucial conversations and take leadership of the interview process. Dental office teamwork and culture are crucial to your success. When you rush, you make mistakes, so emulate the tortoise rather than the hare. Then, when you find that special new team member, celebrate. A successful journey has brought you together.

Dr. Gorczyca is the author of the books "It All Starts with Marketing," "Beyond the Morning Huddle," and "At Your Service," available on Amazon.com.

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