What your patients need to know about dental insurance and emergencies

Dentists know why it’s important to have insurance - but your patients might not.

Everyone needs proper dental insurance. Ideally, everyone should visit their dentist on a regular basis, and get any procedure that will promote better oral health done.

For some who want to improve their smile dramatically, they could go for cosmetic dentistry procedures, and that would be just fine. Some people, however, dwell more on the cost of insurance than the benefits they’ll get from having one.

What many patients fail to realize is that if they are really serious about dental care, purchasing dental

insurance is probably the most cost-effective measure they can take to ensure perfect dental health.

No one can deny that dental procedures can get real expensive. Even the relatively simple procedure of cleaning your teeth can cost, on average, $80 for adults without dental insurance. You know that patients should be coming in at least twice a year for a professional cleaning. That’s close to $200 on a very simple procedure every year. For other patients in need to complicated procedures, out-of-pocket costs can skyrocket.

In the end, what we all should realize is that professional dental care these days is expensive, and we’re not even talking about cosmetic dentistry procedures that are designed to give you a prettier smile. Dental emergencies, for example, could happen to anyone. When a dental emergency arises, will your patients be ready?

Dental insurance is absolutely vital in today’s world, so make sure people know that they need it! These helpful infographics can help you explain the ins-and-outs of the complicated world of dentistry and insurance. They’ll appreciate it!