What You Missed at LMT Lab Day Chicago 2018


From new 3D printers to advancements in the digital workflow, Lab Day Chicago proved the lab industry is booming.

The 34th annual LMT Lab Day Chicago, the largest dental lab event in the country, took place last week at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. The event drew more than 4,500 attendees and dozens of new products were debuted on the show floor.

From new mills and 3D printers to advancements in materials and digital technology, Lab Day Chicago proved that the dental lab industry is booming. The following pages feature some of the new products and innovations that you don’t want to miss.

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NextDent™ 5100

• Powered by Figure 4™ technology, the NextDent™ 5100 is said to outperform similar competitive offerings with four times the speed, providing customers with up to 90 percent cost savings.
• Integration with industry-leading scanning and design software reportedly enables highly precise dental solutions.
• The NextDent 5100 is complemented by a portfolio of 30 unique NextDent resins, reportedly the largest number available from any dental material supplier.

3D Systems
888-598-1438  |  3Dsystems.com

Zolid DNA Generation

• The new integrated material generation, Zolid HT+, is a highly translucent zirconia that reportedly combines high mechanical parameters with excellent esthetics.
• With its high strength of more than 1000 MPa, there are said to be hardly any restrictions on indications.
• Early in 2018, the portfolio will be rounded off with Zolid FX Multilayer blocks for crowns and bridges.

Amann Girrbach
800-851-3719  |  amanngirrbach.us

Ceramill Advanced Prosthetics Program

• The program is said to be based on the three super indications of fixed dentures, full dentures and partial dentures.
• They are reportedly fully integrated into the Amann Girrbach CAD/CAM system as “D-Flow” and are designed to provide fully supported and comprehensive digital workflows from A (scanning) to Z (material).
• Amann Girrbach is said to support laboratories and technicians with comprehensive online and offline training and courses.

Amann Girrbach
800-851-3719  |  amanngirrbach.us

Ceramill DNA Generation

• Two new processing modes for Ceramill Motion 2 and Ceramill Mikro IC reportedly increase processing speeds with consistently high precision.
• The new processing strategy, called “Carving Mode,” is said to reduce the grinding times of difficult-to-process materials by up to 60 percent.
• With the latest implemented processing strategy, “Thrilling Mode,” it’s reportedly now possible to “thrill” block abutments, including connectors made of standard CAD blocks.
• The newly developed “DNA Speed Scanning” strategy is designed to reduce scan times by up to 50 percent with consistently high precision.

Amann Girrbach
800-851-3719  |  amanngirrbach.us


DS-EX Scanner

• This tabletop scanner is said to provide outstanding accuracy and versatility at an affordable cost.
• It reportedly uses structured light in conjunction with high-resolution cameras.
• An open platform with multiple stages, the DS-EX is designed to provide enhanced capabilities for scanning stone models, triple tray impressions and even articulated models.

800-422-7373  |  aurident.com

Versamill 5X400

• The open-source Versamill 5X400 can reportedly accept input from any popular dental design program and process virtually any dental milling material.
• The machine is said to include proprietary enhancements and high-quality features not found in competitive mills, reportedly enabling users to quickly manufacture restorations of unmatched quality that fit right the first time.
• A closed-loop drive system is engineered to assure accuracy and eliminate frequent machine calibrations.
• Additional features are said to include long tool life and superior restorative margins and finishes due to vibration-absorbing construction, motion control system and the industry's most efficient machining templates.

Axsys Dental Solutions
855-687-7941  |  axsysdental.com/versamill5x400

Origin Beyond+ Multi™

• Beyond+ Multi™ layered discs have a flexural strength of more than 1,100 MPa and anterior-level translucency that’s said to be comparable to or exceed the leading brands.
• Single crowns and bridge cases can reportedly be milled from the same disc.
• The discs are designed to have higher chroma in the cervical/body area and decreasing chroma toward the incisal area, reportedly offering the most efficient production speed combined with the natural look found in the shade tab.

B & D Dental Technologies
877-281-7444  |  origincadcam.com

Core3dcentres digital education program

• Designed to offer a full range of workshops and webinars addressing many of the digital issues that labs are currently facing.
• Topics will include advanced smile design, RPD design, IT structure/network setup, 3D model building and more.
• The goal is reportedly to help advance the knowledge and experience base in the industry.

888-750-9204  |  core3dcentres.com


DENTCA Dentures

• DENTCA Dentures are printed in two separate parts (base and teeth) and then are bonded together with the same printable material in order to reportedly achieve a strong chemical bonding that makes the dentures monolithic in nature.
• DENTCA’s 3D printer revolutionary design technology is said to allow for accurate occlusal setups for better occlusion and chewing efficiency.
• The DENTCA system is said to streamline the denture manufacture process with reduced manufacture time, higher accuracy and minimal workforce necessary.

424-558-8726  |  dentca.com

Digital Dentures

• Digital Dentures from Dentsply Sirona and engineered by AvaDent is a digital solution that reportedly provides superior fitting dentures made with Lucitone 199® Denture Base Discs and Portrait® IPN® Denture Teeth.
• These high-quality materials combined with AvaDent´s design expertise and intelligent software are said to create truly digital dentures.
• The denture materials are optimized to work with Dentsply Sirona scanning and milling machines, but they also reportedly can be used with a wide range of equipment from other manufacturers.
• Whether the user chooses to mill in-house or scan and outsource the entire process, Dentsply Sirona Digital Dentures are said to offer flexible solutions and provide superior results for either portrait or monolithic dentures.

Dentsply Sirona
800-243-1942  |  dentsplysirona.com


• The DFAB is tailored for the dentist’s office and is designed to quickly deliver high-precision, color-matched prosthetics.
• The LFAB is designed to produce dental models, surgical guides and prosthetics for dental labs.
• Both printers are designed with the purpose of increasing efficiency and reducing the number of procedures necessary to product dental prostheses.
• The printers are said to deliver customizable colored restorations using light-curable composites.

DWS Systems
+39 445 810810  |  dwssystems.com



• Reportedly the first-ever fully automated dental 3D printer that delivers a full range of dental treatments with the click of a button.
• The high-speed 3D printer is said to increase operational efficiency with its unique cartridge system that makes it easy for dental technicians to change printing materials.
• The all-in-one automation is designed to completely eliminate the post-processing labor associated with washing and curing.

DWS Systems
+39 445 810810  |  dwssystems.com




• Designed for use in the FAB family of printers.
 A new class of biocompatible material for long-term use that meets European Union Class IIa invasive medical device requirements.
• The company reportedly plans to seek required FDA clearances.

DWS Systems
+39 445 810810  |  dwssystems.com

hyperDENT CAM PracticeLab V9 software

•  Completely redesigned for 2018, PracticeLab V9 is said to feature a new user interface that can be utilized with a touch screen monitor and takes as few as four clicks from start to finish.
•  For current hyperDENT Compact users on maintenance, the same new workflow will be adopted by mid-year at no cost.

FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group
847-420-6542  |  us.follow-me-tech.com

Form Cell

• The Form Cell 3D printing solution is a completely automated process that reportedly drastically lowers cost per part.
• It’s designed to be affordable configured for production laboratories.
• Engineered to be a “digital factory,” the Form Cell is customizable for 3D printing using the industry-leading Form 2 print stations and the recently introduced Form Wash station.

617-702-8476  |  formlabs.com

Form 2

• Distributed by Henry Schein, the Form 2 is said to be the most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created.
• The printer reportedly delivers high-resolution prints using steriolithography (SLA) technology.

617-702-8476  |  formlabs.com


AvaDent Digital Dentures Solutions

• AvaDent Digital Dentures Solutions is said to offer a full design service for all printing machines.
• Users can upload scans to the AvaDent Dashboard and within 24 hours, users will reportedly receive a full setup in their inbox.
• After reviewing and approving the setup, the STL file will be on its way to a laboratory or office.
• Users can choose from STL files for try-in dentures (base + teeth) and STL files for final dentures (base with tooth sockets).

Global Dental Science
855-AVADENT  |  avadent.com


• TriLor® is a high-performance, technopolymer matrix featuring multidirectional glass fiber reinforcement for permanent, esthetic restorations on implants.
• It’s said to feature natural flex and load parameters, reportedly making it an ideal replacement for unforgiving metal and ZrO2 frameworks.
• It can reportedly be used to create lightweight and resilient frames and substructures for ceramic, lithium disilicate, acrylics and composites.

Harvest Dental Products
800-706-7599  |  harvestdental.com

PrograMill™ One

• A compact, 5-axis milling machine designed to mill esthetic IPS e.max restorations.
• The fresh design is said to allow for high precision and convenience due to a self-contained milling system.
• PrograMill One is wireless, which enables it to be positioned anywhere within the practice or dental lab. It can be controlled using a corresponding app on a tablet or smartphone.
• A camera integrated within the mill reportedly automatically records all data on material and tool use.

Ivoclar Vivadent
800-533-6825  |  ivoclarvivadent.com


• Developed by ceramists, the new MiYO™ monolithic esthetic finishing system reportedly makes it possible to achieve highly esthetic monolithic restorations that mimic the internal characteristics, surface texture and vitality of natural teeth easier, faster and with greater control.
• The patent-pending system is said to offer a complete assortment of different types of self-glazing colors with varying levels of translucency, each uniquely formulated to replicate nature’s subtleties.
• MiYO Structure Pastes are designed to provide technicians the unique ability to create the depth, vitality and texture found in natural enamel, in unprecedented thicknesses of 0.1mm to 0.2mm and requiring no cut back or modification to CAD designs.

Jensen Dental
800-243-2000  |  jensendental.com/miyo



• A revolutionary new clear thermoplastic resin specifically designed for durability and biocompatibility.
• The microcrystalline transparent polyamide material is intended for use in an injection molding process.
• Unlike conventional metal partials, Clearmet is said to be an ultra-transparent framework.
• Patients can reportedly enjoy a lightweight partial without a metal taste or metal clasps showing on their teeth.

Keystone Industries
800-333-3131  |  dental.keystoneindustries.com

cara Scan 4.0i

• Designed for high precision 3D scans of dental impressions and digitizing scannable impressions for the fabrication of single-tooth restorations and bridges.
• The easy-to-use scanner features an open design platform and reportedly gives dental labs the freedom to design in most CAD platforms once the digital files are received.
• Contains an integrated laboratory and dentist closed communication network, which is said to allow for increased productivity and customer loyalty.

800-431-1785  |  kulzerus.com

LabStar redesign billing center

• LabStar’s redesigned billing center is said to feature faster invoice creation and management as well as improved client payment tools and monthly statement creation.
• Billing reminder letters and payment receipts can be printed or emailed.
• With faster and more powerful billing features, customers are said to save money and time.

LabStar Software
323-522-3120  |  labstar.com

DLCPM Enterprise

• The latest release of DLCPM Enterprise is said to include dozens of new features.
• The Load Schedule Assignment reportedly allows users to set workload capacities by technician, team or departments.
• A Customer Portal is designed to allow users to support customers 24/7 with digital design approval, online Rx submission and branded smartphone apps.
• A Route Manager is engineered to give drivers access to information for local pickups and deliveries in real time.
• A Technician Bench is said to allow technicians to view assigned tasks, case schedules, work orders, case notes, and images and design files anytime, anywhere.

Magic Touch Software
800-714-6490  |  magictouchsoftware.com


DTX Studio™

• A powerful CAD software with intuitive workflows for dental laboratories.
• The software reportedly offers laboratory-clinician collaboration, access to the full portfolio of NobelProcera restorations and the flexibility to product additional products locally.
• DTX Studio is said to connect seamlessly to the KaVo LS 3 scanner and the NobelClinician software.
• Reportedly enables technicians to offer additional services by supporting production of surgical templates, models, tooth-based restorations and Nobel Biocare’s new TempShell provisionals.

Nobel Biocare
800-322-5001  |  nobelbiocare.com/design

KaVo LS 3 scanner

• Using the new KaVo LS 3 scanner, dental technicians can reportedly access the full portfolio of NobelProcera restorations.
• In combination with the DTX Studio™ design software, users are said to benefit from smooth, fast workflows and the flexibility to produce additional products locally.
• The scanner features a touchscreen interface and intuitive software that is said to accelerate day-to-day work.
• High-quality scan data of a full jaw can reportedly quickly be captured with an accuracy of 4 μm, even when working on the most complex cases.  

Nobel Biocare
800-322-5001  |  nobelbiocare.com/scan

Angulated Screw Channel

• Solve bad positioning of dental implants by opting for an Angulated Screw Channel, which is reportedly now available with the majority of Panthera Dental’s products.
• This is said to be the first solution in the world that keeps the original geometry of the screw seating, thus allowing for the use of the original screw from the implant manufacturer.
• The channel is engineered to be angled up to 25 degrees using a special screwdriver manufactured by Panthera Dental.
• Uniform distribution of forces in the seat/screw head area and unidirectional stress applied to the implant reportedly results in a reduced implant failure rate.

Panthera Dental
855-233-0388  |  pantheradental.com/angulatedscrewchannel

Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap

• By having an extended metal rim, the Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap is said to fully enclose the metal coping, allowing technicians to confidently prevent damage to the coping when trimming and finishing the prosthesis.
• The cap can also reportedly be used from the beginning to prevent resin build-up on the coping.
• The cap is said to be a must-have for conversions from removable dentures to a fixed prosthesis.

PREAT Corporation
800-232-7732  |  preat.com


PREMIOtemp Denture Disc

• This new denture disc is a two-layered disc that’s half gingiva and half tooth colored.
• The disc can reportedly be used to mill full dentures and/or bridges that have gingiva, which is said to reduce the amount of pink composite needed to be added to the restoration.

866-643-3129  |  primotecusa.com

AUTO spin

• Precise working models with plastic base plates can reportedly be fabricated using the AUTO spin pin drill.
• The drilling unit is said to offer time and cost savings due to reduced use of dental plaster.
• The pin drill is reportedly also compatible with other model-making systems like Giroform® or Zeiser®.

Renfert USA
800-336-7422  |  renfert.com

EASY view 3D

• The EASY view 3D is an innovative video microscope featuring a 3D monitor.
• The 3D mode is said to enable natural hand-eye coordination when performing delicate tasks.
• Fatigue-free, ergonomic work is reportedly possible thanks to sustained natural, healthy posture when viewing objects on the monitor.
• High-resolution photos and video sequences can reportedly be generated in full HD quality for documentation and communication via a network or integrated USB stick.

Renfert USA
800-336-7422  |  renfert.com


• This two workbench extraction unit is for power-users with two suction ports.
• The unit is said to feature consistently high suction power thanks to intelligent power control for optimum dust removal.
• Low-maintenance EC motor technology reportedly leads to problem-free operation.
• No dust bag change is required due to bag-free fine filler technology, including automatic filler cleaning.

Renfert USA
800-336-7422  |  renfert.com



• This powerful extraction unit reportedly features an EC motor and fine filter technology with no dust bag change required.
• A low-maintenance EC motor with 5,000 guaranteed operating hours is said to create a reliable production process.
• The unit is designed to be suitable for CAD/CAM systems requiring high suction performance.
• Bidirectional communication with the CAM system via PLC control reportedly leads to high operating comfort.

Renfert USA
800-336-7422  |  renfert.com


• The DWX-52DCi features an automatic disc changer that reportedly optimizes productivity by storing up to six discs of different materials, enabling discs to be replaced automatically during milling.
• It is said to support new DWINDEX performance visualization software that provides reporting on operation time, materials and other deliverables.

Roland DGA
800-542-2307  |  rolanddga.com/dental


• This next-generation dental mill is said to be equipped with advanced features designed to help labs increase overall efficiency.
• It boasts a new snap-in clamp system that reportedly makes the setup of various materials faster and more secure, saving time and improving performance.

Roland DGA
800-542-2307  |  rolanddga.com/dental

SafeLink Consulting health and safety manual

• SafeLink Consulting now offers an electronic/soft copy version of its health and safety manual for the dental lab/practice to meet the OSHA compliance requirements for written documentation.
• The manual reportedly features the most up to date information available to aid in addressing health and safety in the dental workplace.
• The manual is also said to include safety training tools to assist lab owners and dentists to assist with health and safety training programs.

SafeLink Consulting
770-205-6745  |  safelinkconsulting.com



SlimPad Wet N’ Dry

• This sleek new tray features a working base that is only 10mm high, as flat and close as possible to the bench’s surface.
• The working surface is said to be the perfect size for multiple porcelain colors.
• Available in either black or white, the SlimPad is designed to be easy and light to carry, stackable and compact.

Smile Line USA
877-755-6868  |  smilelineusa.com

Scan Dry Plus and Scan Spraystone

• Scan Dry Plus is used for digital impressions and reportedly improves scanning accuracy and detail.
• It’s said to produce an extremely thin powder layer (less than 3 microns), features a replaceable application nozzle with a clog-free micro tip and produces more than 150 applications.
• The Scan Spraystone is a “two-in-one” spray that’s designed to be used for perfect model scanning and bubble-free casting.
• The Spraystone is said to produce a micro-thin, uniform powder layer (less than 3 microns) and allows over 400 single-tooth applications.

800-243-9942  |  sterngold.com

Structo Velox

• Reportedly the first desktop 3D printer that features a patented fully autonomous post-processing system to streamline appliance manufacturing in dental practices.
• The Velox system is said to comprise three stages – print, wash and cure – on a rotating carousel, all in one single low-footprint system.
• It also reportedly incorporates AutoPrint, Structo’s new pre-processing cloud service that is designed to automatically take care of nesting, supporting and slicing of an STL file, enabling appliance manufacturing at just the push of a button.

Structo 3D
+65 6514 7332  |  structo3d.com

Zirlux Acetal

• Zirlux Acetal is a 99.9 percent pure, highly crystalline, millable thermoplastic.
• Its natural-color clasps are designed to fit on the tooth and not the tissue, reportedly providing superior patient comfort and esthetics compared to traditional clasps.
• This material is engineered to be flexible when thin, but becomes more rigid as it becomes thicker, which is said to make it an ideal material for fabricating a variety of tooth-retained removable appliances.

Zahn Dental Labs – Henry Schein
631-843-5325  |  zirlux.com


Zirlux Anterior Multi

• Zirlux Anterior Multi is the latest dental zirconia that’s said to be best suited for anterior restorations as it has more indications and strength than lithium disilicate.
• Its fully gradient shading reportedly matches the incisal, dentin and gingiva of natural dentition, and in return is said to mimic the translucency and esthetics of a natural tooth.

Zahn Dental Labs – Henry Schein
631-843-5325  |  zirlux.com

CAD/CAM Block Locker

• Zirc now offers sleek, modern organization for all of your CAD/CAM milling blocks.
• Choose from a selection of drawer colors to complement the dark gray, powder-coated cabinet.
• The large cabinet can reportedly organize up to 48 block packages or 312 individual blocks, while the small cabinet is said to feature six organizer trays for organization of up to 288 individual blocks.

Zirc Dental Products
800-328-3899  |  zirc.com


• A single extraction system for single workspaces and CAM-milling systems
• A Bluetooth interface is said to allow for individual settings via an Android app.
• The Z1 ECO reportedly features 700 watts of power, while the Z1 CAM has 1200 watts.

Zubler USA
972-600-9187  |  zublerusa.com



• The VARIO SC Surface Conditioner is said to be the solution to surface anomalies in pressable ceramics.
• The VARIO SC is designed to add the necessary force to compensate for the contractions that occur during the cooling process, thus avoiding undesirable malformation.
• The cooling fan and stability added by the VARIO SC reportedly reduce cooling time by as much as 50 percent.

Zubler USA
972-600-9187  |  zublerusa.com

VARIOstar T50

• Tabletop handpiece system
• Features a digital speed display that’s reportedly easy to read and continuous.
• Other features are said to include a speed knob, safety switch and left-hand rotation.

Zubler USA
972-600-9187  |  zublerusa.com


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