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What You Missed at the 2018 Chicago Midwinter Meeting


From new handpieces to updated practice management software, this year's meeting featured dozens of new products.

The Chicago Midwinter Meeting is one of the top dental meetings in the United States. Every year, hundreds of exhibitors and companies gather in the Windy City to showcase dozens of new products, and this year’s meeting did not disappoint.

From new handpieces and polishing systems to updated practice management software and advancements in dental technology, there was something for everyone at the show.

The following pages are filled with some of the new products and innovations coming out of the 2018 Midwinter Meeting that you don’t want to miss.

Click through the slides to see the new products.  

Dentrix Ascend

• Dentrix Ascend is designed to move practice management to the cloud, lifting IT burdens from dentists so that they can focus on patient care.
• Dentists can reportedly access their practice data at any time, from any location on any device.
• The software is said to increase practice efficiency and eliminate time spent on backups, software updates and server issues.

Henry Schein
855-232-9493  |  dentrixascend.com



• The ASAP® INDIRECT+ diamond polishing system is reportedly all clinicians need to refine and create an outstanding shine all indirect ceramic restorations.
• Fast and simple, this versatile system is designed to be ideal for any tooth surface.
• ASAP INDIRECT+ includes three multi-shaped, diamond impregnated “adjusters” as well as two ASAP INDIRECT+ diamond impregnated spiral wheel polishers.

800-265-3444  |  clinicianschoice.com

AirLight M800X handpiece

• Reportedly enables clinicians to have a clearer illuminated operative field due to a Direct-LED+ that’s brighter and has a larger light pattern than traditional optic systems.
• The handpiece is designed to provide extraordinary torque (25W) to ensure accurate and powerful cutting.
• IS Technology is engineered to provide instant stop capability that eliminates backflow and noise when ceasing operation.

Beyes Dental Canada
855-603-1888  |  beyes.ca

BrioShine™ Feather Lite™ Composite & Ceramic Single-Use Polishers

• Designed to automatically adapt to most tooth surfaces, these polishers reportedly minimize procedure time by reducing the number of steps required for optimal results.
• BrioShine polishers are said to lessen overhead costs by reducing dispensing labor and eliminating time-consuming reprocessing.

Brasseler USA
800-841-4522  |  brasselerusa.com

Carestream Dental care management platform

• The new platform is designed to help dental professionals balance the delivery of excellent patient care with the need to ensure practice efficiency and revenue growth in today’s competitive market.
• Following a software-as-a-service model, the platform reportedly provides anytime, anywhere access, easy setup and configuration, automated backups and seamless updates.

Carestream Dental
800-944-6365  |  carestreamdental.com

NoCord™ VPS

• Reportedly the first and only one-step, self-retracting impressioning system that removes the time, frustration and costs of traditional cord retraction.  
• NoCord™ Wash is said to be is the first wash material that incorporates a hemostatic agent to control bleeding and fluid flows.
• The unique NoCord™ MegaBody™ Tray Material is designed to work with NoCord Wash.

Centrix Dental
800-235-5862  |  centrixdental.com

MMG ChairFill

• This automated marketing software system is designed to automatically fill your schedule and chair with the right kind of patients.
• Integration with all the major practice management softwares reportedly allows ChairFill to monitor open chairtime and then search existing patient records 24/7.
• The software is designed to fill last-minute cancellations as well as open appointments weeks or months in advance.

MMG Fusion
844-938-7466 |  mmgfusion.com


Channels PT Platinum files

• The Channels PT Platinum files were reportedly designed using the same sequence of files and geometries as the Channels PT rotary files with heat-treated metallurgy.
• With these enhancements, clinicians are said to experience increased flexibility and improved cyclic fatigue resistance to reduce the risk of file separation.

Henry Schein
800-372-4346  |  henryschein.com

HyFlex® EDM system

• The system now includes 21 mm length and a new 20/0.5 preparation file, which is said to enable clinicians to treat curved canals.
• HyFlex EDM files are indicated in cases with calcification or retreatment.
• Fabricated using EDM (electrical discharge machining) breakthrough technology, HyFlex EDM reportedly offers up to 700 percent greater fracture resistance compared to traditional NiTi files.

330-916-8800  |  coltene.com


RapidHeat Pro11 High-Capacity Table-Top Sterilizer

• Advanced engineering is said to enable the Pro11 to compete with the industry’s popular table-top steam sterilizers with 50 percent more capacity.
• Reportedly uses FDA-cleared “High-Velocity Hot Air” RapidHeat technology to perform a complete cycle in as little as six minutes.
• Since no water or steam is used, the Pro11 has no drying cycle.

CPAC Equipment, Inc.
800-828-6011  |  cpac.com

DentalEZ® InOffice workbench

• The InOffice workbench is said to offer everything clinicians need to provide the best in-office lab services.
• Solid steel construction, solid surface countertops, options for dust collection, and multiple drawer configurations and colors reportedly provide dentists with all the choices they need to enhance their practice and productivity.

866-DTE-INFO  |  dentalez.com/inoffice


Star®ETorque™ Electric System

• The Star®ETorque™ Electric System is said to combine the power and performance you’ve come to expect from StarDental.
• With customizable settings for multiple procedures, the StarETorque is engineered to seamlessly combine power with performance.
• From caries removal to crown preparation, users reportedly can move from high-speed to low-speed settings with one touch.

866-DTE-INFO  |  dentalez.com/StarETorque

DentiMax 18

• DentiMax 18 is said to be more graphical, powerful and easier to use than its predecessors.
• The new version reportedly features a new clinical charting screen, larger fonts and many new paperless enhancements.
• Available in both cloud and server editions.

800-704-8494  | dentimax.com

DEXIS and i-CAT voice-controlled imaging solutions with Amazon Alexa

• Dental professionals can reportedly operate their DEXIS and i-CAT equipment with their voices, completely hands-free.
• Dentists can place a digital sensor while telling Alexa the X-ray they need to capture.
• Users are also said to be able to order i-Cat scans using only their voices.

646-681-1785  |  simplifeye.co


• DGSHAPE d-CLINIC is a new open architecture CAD/CAM solution that’s designed to make it easy and affordable for dental clinics to produce precision glass ceramic and composite resin restorations in-house.
• Featuring DGSHAPE’s DWX-4W wet dental mill plus MillBox CAM and new CliniCAD design software, the DGSHAPE d-Clinic solution is reportedly a turnkey package for producing same-day prosthetics.

Roland DGA
800-542-2307  |  rolanddga.com/d-clinic

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow

• Estelite Bulk Fill Flow reportedly requires no additional composites for outstanding esthetics and strength.
• The formula is designed to offer faster and simpler single-increment restorations up to 4 mm.
• The material reportedly features 52 percent higher compressive strength than the leading flowable bulk fill.

Tokuyama Dental America
877-378-3548  |  estelitebulkfill.com

Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner

• Available in both cart and portable versions, now distributed by ETI Digital Technology.
• The scanner reportedly uses Multiscan Imaging™ 3D scanning technology consisting of five miniaturized 3D scanners in the handpiece tip, which is said to be the smallest intraoral scanner handpiece in dentistry.
• The scanner is also reportedly equipped with voice control and gesture recognition technology for optimal infection control.

ETI Digital Technology
800-451-7778  |  etidigitaltechnology.com


• Allows users to leverage the power of the cloud, which centralizes and streamlines the way dentists run their practices.
• Designed with an easy-to-learn interface, users can view all of their patients’ clinical evidence in a simple, clean timeline.
• Fuse’s Smart Screens are engineered to allow dentists to view, filter and act on real-time patient information and practice data on a single screen.

Patterson Dental
800-873-7683  |  pattersondental.com/fuse

glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution

• This chairside restorative ecosystem is designed to simplify the process of prescribing and delivering dental restorations.
• With this versatile suite of advanced technologies, clinicians reportedly gain immediate on-demand access to the digital support resources of Glidewell Laboratories with the ability to quickly mill restorations in the office or send cases to the lab – all from a single interface.

Glidewell Laboratories
844-949-7184  |  glidewell.io

AdvantaClear™ Surface Disinfectant

• Designed to kill a broad spectrum of disease-causing microorganisms in one minute.
• The intermediate level disinfectant is said to be compatible with a wide range of surfaces, such as acrylic, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel.
• The convenient and ready-to-use formula reportedly cleans and disinfects surfaces while working quickly and effectively.

800-hu-friedy  |  hu-friedy.com


SmartTouch™ Scannable Impression System

• The portable handheld auto dispenser reportedly fills an impression tray in only 10 seconds with the push of a button.
• Dentists are said to be able to have the power of a countertop machine in the palm of their hands.
• Designed for the SmartTouch auto dispenser, the SmartTouch™ VPS impression material is engineered to combine excellent flow and detail reproduction with easy handling.

ids (integrated dental systems)
866-277-5662  |  idsimplants.com

Tri Auto ZX2

• Tri Auto ZX2 is a new compact, cordless motor with a built-in apex locator.
• The cordless endodontic handpiece may reportedly be used for achieving apical patency and creating a glide path with the new Optimum Glide Path function.
• The handpiece is engineered to allow subtle and delicate manipulation of the file, facilitating faster and safer treatment in even difficult cases.

J. Morita
877-JMORITA  |  morita.com

Veraview X800

• Veraview X800 is a newly redesigned, multifunctional X-ray unit that’s said to be equipped with practical, unique and refined features that produce stunning images for a thorough evaluation.
• Image clarity has reportedly been enhanced with a voxel size of just 80 micrometers and a resolution of 2.5 LP/mm.
• An adjustable X-ray beam is engineered to allow the user to set ideal conditions for both 2D and 3D image acquisition by suppressing the distracting shadows of the hard palate.

J. Morita
877-JMORITA  |  morita.com

KATANA Zirconia Block

• An innovative, multi-layered zirconia block specialized for fabricating full-contour zirconia prosthetics chair side.
• Can be used with Dentsply Sirona’s CEREC system to reportedly fabricate full zirconia restorations in approximately 45 minutes.
• The block consists of four layers of zirconia in graduated shades.

Kuraray America Inc.
800-879-1676  |  kuraraydental.com


MI Paste® One

• Two-in-one application (toothpaste and MI Paste Plus®) contains RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) and fluoride in a cool mint flavor.
• The formula is designed to treat sensitivity, remineralize tooth enamel and prevent white spot lesions.
• Designed to be a single step for treatment and cleaning.

GC America
800-323-7063  |  gcamerica.com

TeleDent™ Referral Engine Starter Kit

• The all-in-one teledentistry platform is said to enable out-of-the-box clinical collaboration.
• Benefits are said to include improved patient experiences, simplified workflow and easier communication among the care team.
• Custom configurations are also available.

MouthWatch, LLC
877-544-4342  |  mouthwatch.com

SleepArchiTx™ Sleep Screening Concierge Program

• Reportedly offers a turnkey solution that enables dental practitioners to systematically screen patients in their offices with customized forms, workflow protocols, patient tracking software and facilitation of home sleep testing by board-certified sleep physicians.
• Designed to work in conjunction with SleepArchiTx Sleep Case Navigation Services.

888-777-3198  |  sleeparchitx.com

Solea® Software (SW) 3.2

• Designed to provide dental professionals with unprecedented usability and patients with a more comfortable experience.
• A simplified graphical user interface is said to eliminate the need to select different tissue types and streamlines the laser workflow.
• Dentists can reportedly safely ablate both hard and soft tissue faster than ever before for smoother, cleaner surfaces with no increase in patient sensation. 

Convergent Dental
844-GO-SOLEA  |  convergentdental.com


Wireless Air

• The Wireless Air is said to deliver the highest quality LED optics in a portable, lightweight package that attaches directly to existing loupes.
• Designed to create a clear, even light spot with excellent color accuracy.
• Its new compact design reportedly minimizes strain on the face that comes from using other heavier wireless LEDs.

800-959-0153  |  surgitel.com


• Provides dental providers the opportunity to engage their patients via text messaging.
• Reportedly enables providers to simplify the billing and collection processes for their patients with its Text-to-Pay and newly introduced Zero Click payment technologies.
• The provider triggers a text message containing a balance due to the patient, and the patient reportedly responds to the text message authorizing payment.

888-875-4782  |  swervepayhealth.com

SheerWhite! In-Office

• SheerWhite! In-Office 20% hydrogen peroxide strips are reportedly the first and only “in-office whitening strips.”
• Utilizing the next-generation SheerFilm technology, the flexible strips are designed to easily conform to the teeth while holding the potent formula to the enamel without leakage.
• Results are said to be up to three shades whiter in a single application.

CAO Group
877-877-9778  |  caogroup.com


• STELLAR DC Acrylic pattern resin reportedly increases efficiency and production by dramatically reducing production times.
• Its on-demand continuous flow of material is said to allow for quick and easy fabrication of pickup impression copings, indexes, abutment seating jigs, and more.
• The resin is designed to light-cure in 20 seconds and self-cure in 60 seconds, reportedly offering the fastest production times for pattern resin.

TAUB Products
800-828-2634  |  taubdental.com



The Wand®

• The Wand® anesthesia system is reportedly the first and market-leading, computer-controlled local anesthesia system with more than 50 million injections performed worldwide.
• It is engineered to carefully guide dental professionals as they perform all dental injection types.
• The Wand is said to benefit both the practice and the patient by providing more comfort and less anxiety than traditional syringe injection techniques.
• It reportedly uses patented technology to control the flow rate and pressure of the anesthesia during the injection, ensuring that all injections are performed below the patients’ pain threshold.

Milestone Scientific
973-535-2717  |  milestonescientific.com


• TheraCem is a dual-cured, calcium and fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive resin cement reportedly indicated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and all types of posts.
• The material is designed to deliver a strong bond to zirconia and most substrates and features easy clean up and high radiopacity.
• TheraCem is said to offer clinicians reliable and durable cementation of most indirect restorations.

BISCO Dental Products
800-247-3368  |  bisco.com

OZ Spray Bottle

• This ozone on-demand surface disinfectant system is said to deliver a consistent ozone concentration wherever and whenever dental professionals want it.
• The OZ reportedly uses a patented method to create ozone from water while producing no aerosols.
• Ozone is said to have a bacterial kill time of 30 seconds and is safe to use on almost any surface.

Toppen Dental
508-397-9725  |  toppendental.com



• QDfx patented technology reportedly offers a safer, chemical-free approach to disinfection of water lines.
• The cartridge, which is replaced annually, is said to provide the highest quality of disinfection by incorporating Quantum X3, a water treatment technology.
• The patented Quantum media reportedly kills bacteria instantly on contact, is 99.999 percent effective on all bacteria tested, and meets NSF42 & NSF61 safe drinking water standards.

Toppen Dental
508-397-9725  |  toppendental.com  


• This new water-on-water, reverse osmosis/deionized water treatment system is said to produce the high-quality water required by sterilizers, autoclaves and chairside water bottles.
• Comes with 100 percent recyclable, replaceable cartridges.
• With flow rates seven times faster than conventional RO systems, the modular design reportedly provides the option of doubling flow capability by stacking units together.

Toppen Dental
508-397-9725  |  toppendental.com


• The TornadoS is said to be the most powerful turbine with a compact head.
• Thanks to its compact head, the TornadoS reportedly offers improved visibility in the working area.
• The handpiece is equipped with Bien-Air SteadyTorque™ technology and is said to feature exceptional power output.

800-433-2436  |  bienair.com


• This patent-pending composite warming system uses NIR technology to rapidly warm highly filled composite compules.
• With the touch of a button, the Phasor is engineered to be able to heat composite material to 150 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds and maintain that temperature throughout the procedure, all while remaining cool to the touch.
• Unlike other devices, Phasor isn’t limited to a single brand of composite.

Vista™ Dental Products
877-418-4782  |  vista-dental.com

Performance Tool Organizer

• This deeper, roomier cassette is said to be made for large and specialty instruments, including X-ray positioning devices, check retractors, surgical elevators and forceps, orthodontic pliers, and more.
• The organizer reportedly allows users to design their own layout with customizable, removable feet.
• It’s also said to contain an antimicrobial agent that withstands all sterilization processes.
• Available in 16 color choices.

800-328-3899  |  zirc.com  

Cold as Ice Endo Spray

• Cold as Ice Endo Spray is said to be perfect for on-the-spot testing of pulp health.
• The spray is designed to cause a rapid pupal response in vital teeth due to its low liquid temperature of -26.2 degrees Celsius (-15.2 degrees Fahrenheit).
• Includes a directional spray extension and is said to be environmentally friendly.

Dental Creations Ltd.
254-772-4661  |  wonderfill.com


Heron IOS

• Initially debuted at IDS 2017, 3DISC presented the latest version of the Heron IOS intraoral scanner at the 2018 Chicago Midwinter Meeting.
• The Heron IOS is said to be a simple, reliable and cost-effective solution for small- to mid-sized dental practices entering the field of digital dentistry.
• The scanner is said to feature a clean, ergonomic design as well as a small, lightweight hand and mouth piece.

800-570-0363  |  3disc.com


• Thera-Oral™ is reportedly the first fully automated, hygienist-friendly dental delivery platform for teeth whitening, gum procedures and more.
• The patented vacuum-sealed, soft ioWave™ full-mouth intraoral device is said to feature controlled heated flow delivery.
• An intuitive console with touch screen monitors is designed to control all functions in real time.
• Slated to be available to order in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Mavrik Dental Systems
833-355-5335  |  mavrikdental.com


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