What Would Dayna Do … about calculating accurate dental insurance estimates?

November 15, 2014
Dayna Johnson
Dayna Johnson

Dayna Johnson has helped dental offices from around the country easily transition down the path to paperless using her years of experience as a dental office manager and Certified Dentrix Trainer. As one of the country's most trusted consultants, she gives a straightforward and complete assessment for each of her clients. No two dental offices are alike, and Dayna channels her passion for going chartless to help each of her clients fulfill their goals and increase their profitability. For more information, visit www.raedentalmanagement.com or her blog at thedentrixofficemanager.blogspot.com.

In this installment of “What Would Dayna Do?,” consultant and former dental office manager Dayna Johnson answers a question from a Virginia office manager regarding more accurately estimating the amount of payment from the dental patient and dental insurance.

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Johnson believes one of the keys to success for any practice is importing your contracted fee schedules into your practice management software.

“I’m a huge fan of using fee schedules and not using a calculator every time a patient comes into the practice,” Johnson said. “If you use fee schedules for calculating the patient portion and then submit full fee to the insurance company, it will be much better for your practice and the patient.”

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