What Is Your Superpower in the Dental Practice?

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Every person has a unique set of skills that they can bring to the table. Isn’t it time to recognize just what the skills are and to show appreciation for them?

The dentists aren’t the only ones to have superpowers in dentistry. Have you thought about yours? I bring this topic up about the issue of getting a raise. Don’t you think it is time to toot your own horn? Don’t be modest. Think about what makes you special and why you are awesome at your job. Shouldn’t you be appropriately compensated for what you do?

I ask this question in every interview to hire hygienists, expanded functions dental assistants (EFDAS), and dental assistants. The response usually is surprised and modesty. Can you really say what you do well? I coach it in terms of “Why should we hire you on the spot? What are you the best at in doing your job as a dental professional?” I get many answers, but most are the ones you would expect. What stands out is that this is a great question to find out how passionate the candidates are in doing their job.

So, why ask it? We all have superpowers. Mine? Well, if you must know I get people to do things they don’t want to do. That sounds harsh in the daylight, but what can I say it is a superpower. What it boils down to is that I am a great listener. Not just do I listen, but I hear what the individual is trying to say. My clients and applicants both love and adore me! What is wrong with bragging? I have the confidence to speak highly about my skills. What just happened? Did this article shift to a confidence building one?

Unpack it. If you were asked what your superpower is on the job, what would you answer? Does it sound arrogant to think you are the best at something? I don’t think so. How you say it determines to me if it is arrogance or confidence, but that passion is an honest emotion that comes out when you really care about what you do.


Are you a transparent person? Or do you keep your feelings bottled up inside? Are you the kind of person who speaks up? Volunteers? Helps coworkers? Asks questions or makes suggestions to solve problems yet is open to new ideas? This isn’t just a list of questions. It really is a way to look at oneself like an onion. If you start peeling off the outer skin, you keep peeling and getting down to the center of the onion, and what will happen? You might learn something about yourself and why you do the things you do.

Imagine if you are someone with poor self-esteem. You know you are great with the patients but can’t verbalize to yourself that you are amazing with people. You blow it off as no big deal. I am here to say it is a big deal. We are in a profession where customer service is critical. Without it, the competition is so thick, they can just walk out and go to the next practice. How you talk to people including your colleagues makes a big difference in how comfortable you are going to work. Imagine what could happen if you believed in yourself? If you took out that cape, dusted it off, and wrapped yourself in it like a cape of confidence, the sky could be the limit!

What about the reader with plenty of confidence to go around. What is your superpower? That seems easy to respond to, but is it? Sometimes, overly confident people can be controlling or always correcting others. They aren’t necessarily open to new ideas and differences of opinions. But there are some heroes who really shine. These characters know that fine line between confidence and humility. It is a tightrope at times, but it is what benefits everyone in the end.

So, who are you? What is your superpower? If you don’t have one, I encourage you to talk to your friends at work and ask them what they think your superpower is. I must admit, it is amazing to hear how amazing you are from others. It is a pick me up and makes all the difference in the world. Once you feel confident in sharing what your superpower is, think about asking for a raise or interviewing for a better paying position. All it takes is a little confidence.

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