Wellfit Partners With Patterson Dental to Create CarePay+


New collaboration designed to provide an integrated technology solution for patient financing, customizable dental plans, and payment processing.

Wellfit® Technologies, Inc., a leading healthcare technology platform specializing in streamlined dental financing, discount plans, and payment processing, has announced its strategic partnership with Patterson Dental. This collaboration aims to provide an integrated technology solution for patient financing, customizable dental plans, and payment processing. This comprehensive offering will be available to both new and existing Patterson Dental customers under the name CarePay+.

CarePay+ empowers Patterson Dental customers by seamlessly integrating Wellfit’s cutting-edge technology with their existing Eaglesoft® system. This integration simplifies financial processes and enhances the management of dental plans and payments, ultimately elevating the dental care experience for both practitioners and patients.

Leveraging Wellfit’s profound expertise in healthcare technology, CarePay+ offers a wide array of features designed to optimize patient financing options for dental practices. With CarePay+, customers can expect a multitude of patient financing choices, as well as comprehensive dental plans and payment processing, catering to uninsured patients and providing them with expanded options.

“We strongly believe this partnership with Patterson Dental will be a game changer in the dental industry. Our cutting-edge technology, coupled with Patterson Dental’s extensive network and expertise, will improve the dental financing landscape,” says Fulton Collins, Wellfit CEO in a press release.

Wellfit offers a comprehensive solution to increase treatment acceptance, reduce transaction and administrative costs, and enhance transparency to build patient trust and improve retention. Patterson Companies, Inc., connects dental and animal health customers in North America and the U.K. to the latest products, technologies, services, and innovative business solutions that drive operational and professional success.

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