Weave’s All-in-One Platform Now Includes Insurance Verification

Thousands of dental offices across the U.S. and Canada can now streamline their insurance verification process using Weave’s latest addition.

With the launch of Insurance Verification, dental offices using Weave can now streamline their insurance verification process on the all-in-one customer communication platform for small business.

Now available to all of Weave’s dental locations and customers, Weave Insurance Verification enables staff to spend more time focusing on growing the practice through high-quality patient experiences and less time focusing on the tedious back-and-forth of verifying patient insurance. Weave Insurance Verification gives dental practices up-to-date, accurate, easy-to-search information, all with a click of a button directly from within the Weave application. If insurance isn’t verified, staff can seamlessly contact patients in the same workflow to get updated insurance information via phone or two-way texting.

“Keeping the modern dental office running smoothly is what Weave was created to do over a decade ago,” says Weave CEO Roy Banks. “When we heard that office staff are spending 6, 10, even 12 hours a week verifying patient insurance, we saw an opportunity to build new efficiencies by combining verification software with our communications technology. Now, a once-tedious process can take half the time. That’s a big win for dental practices.”

According to a recent Weave survey, 55% of dental offices spend 6 or more hours a week verifying insurance eligibility for patients. Existing insurance eligibility verification solutions provide information that is difficult to search or isn’t comprehensive, so the office still has to wait on the phone to get information from the insurance company. According to the company, Weave Insurance Verification verifies patient eligibility with a click of a button to shorten time spent verifying insurance by over 50% and it’s all done in the same system office staff use daily to communicate with their patients, schedule appointments and collect digital forms.

Grace Dental, a dental practice in Palm Harbor, Florida, started using Weave Insurance Verification earlier this year. Practice Administrator Andrea Ippolito said the combination of Weave’s texting capabilities, combined with the new verification capabilities, has lightened her workload and made her more efficient.

“Before we implemented Weave Insurance Verification, the verification process would take 30 minutes to 4 hours per patient, depending on what insurance I needed to speak with,” Ippolito says. “With Weave Insurance Verification, the majority of the time I don’t even need to waste time on the phone with the insurance companies anymore.”

Insurance Verification is the latest addition to Weave’s all-in-one customer communications platform, following on the heels of several platform integrations with systems of record in the core verticals of dental, veterinary and optometry practices.