W&H Expands Hygiene Portfolio with Lexa Plus Class B Sterilizer

The new sterilizer is a pre-vacuum, Class B sterilizer featuring a large capacity chamber and an advanced traceability system.

W&H announced the addition of the new Lexa Plus sterilizer to the company’s hygiene portfolio. The new sterilizer is a pre-vacuum, Class B sterilizer that will be available in North America.

The Lexa Plus is designed to provide more capacity, energy-saving cycles, automatic water filling, and connectivity and traceability options, offering full infection control and protection for dentists and their patients. It features a color touchscreen display with an intuitive menu and a wide range of options designed to make daily work easier and more efficient. The large capacity chamber, short cycle times, and excellent load drying offer additional efficiencies, as well as more flexibility with the tray and rack design.

The unit’s patented Eco Dry + feature adapts the drying time to the mass of the load, increasing efficiency by reducing cycle times, increasing the life span of instruments, and optimizing energy consumption. It features a large 7.4-gallon chamber, enabling the Lexa Plus to process up to 16.5 pounds of wrapped and 18 pounds of unwrapped instruments with its 5-tray rack. The automatic water-filling feature allows a demineralized system to be connected to the sterilizer for optimum efficiency. In addition, the EliTrace feature is an advanced documentation system that offers full traceability down to a single instrument for a high level of safety for both practice staff and patients and this data can be saved via a USB connection.