Vyne Dental Acquires Planning Software Onederful

This acquisition will allow Vyne Dental to connect payers to providers in a standardized, efficient way.

Dental software company Vyne Dental announced its acquisition of Onederful, a dental planning software that connects dental payers companies for elgibility, benefits, claims, and electronic remittance advice. Onederful is said to allow dental practices to verify patient coverage with ease, according to a press release from Vyne.

Onederful will be paired with Vyne Trellis, the dental billing platform under Vyne Dental’s umbrella. Onederful is said to connect to more than 240 payers, as it collects eligibility benefit information from payers. It does so in a standardized way, making any format of information readable and easily managed by practices. President of Vyne Dental Stephen Roberts said that this type of software can eliminate headaches for practices and make the process more efficient.

"By adding Onederful to the Vyne Dental portfolio, we're continuing our mission of becoming the foremost provider of fully automated revenue cycle management solutions in all of dentistry," Roberts said in the press release. “Onederful joins a successful roster of innovation, alongside our other, recent acquisitions, including Renaissance Electronic Services, LLC, Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC, and OperaDDS. With Onederful, we are one step closer to accomplishing this goal."

Onederful will be added to Vyne Dental’s portfolio of information and communication software to assist in practice management.