vTail Healthcare App Launches in the Dental Market

This healthcare communications app will make it easier to communicate between practice and manufacturer.

Healthcare communications app vTail has announced its expansion into the dental market. This app is meant to facilitate smoother communication between clinician and manufacturer, according to company CEO Barry Wolfenson.

“We are excited to bring our truly unique app to the dental community, and I applaud our team for the incredible amount of work they did in a short amount of time to expand our offering beyond our initial launch market of advanced wound care.Given the new-normal that exists in the world of healthcare, we are proud that our solution has helped remove the key points of friction between clinicians and company reps,” Wolfenson said in a press release from the company. “As a result, we're seeing more frequent engagement with less hassle for everybody.Given the size and dynamics of the dental market, we are confident in the value our platform will deliver to our customers and investors."

The app is said to improve efficiency. For instance, a practice can communicate with manufacturers through the app’s platform in a relatively short amount of time. vTail is also providing a product database and newsfeed for professionals to keep track of.

The app is free, HIPAA-enabled, and is said to be safe for clinicians wishing to keep their data secure.