VOCO releases new GrandioSO Light Flow composite

GrandioSO Light Flow is the company's new nano-hybrid flowable composite.

VOCO has introduced GrandioSO Light Flow, the company’s new low viscosity nano-hybrid flowable composite. Using VOCO’s proprietary nano-technology, GrandioSO Light Flow is designed with the filler degree of a universal composite, while also having an extremely flowable viscosity.

The product’s ultra-fine intraoral tip is said to allow for targeted and precise applications. With a filler content of 76% by weight, GrandioSO Light Flow’s 3-point flexural strength of 151 MPa is said to attain physical property values much higher than traditional flowables. It’s available in 2 different sizes of intraoral tips to offer a range of options for each indication.

For more information, visit voco.dental.