VOCO releases Admira Fusion x-base

The ceramic-based flowable base restorative is the fourth product release in the Admira Fusion nano-ORMOCER product line.

VOCO’s Admira Fusion x-base, an all ceramic-based flowable base restorative, is the fourth product release in the well-established Admira Fusion nano-ORMOCER® product line. Admira Fusion x-base is reportedly fast, reliable, strong and easy to use. Due to its extremely low shrinkage and shrinkage stress, it can reportedly be used to place increments of up to 4mm in just one working step without layering. It is said to be suitable for Class I and II cavity linings and Class III and V restorations.

Thanks to its flowability, the highly viscous Admira Fusion x-base is reportedly very easy to apply without any undesirable dripping. It is self-leveling and thus is engineered to adapt optimally to the prepared cavity walls. The result is a restoration that is both stable and esthetic in nature.

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Admira Fusion x-base’s innovative nano-ORMOCER® technology reportedly makes it the only flowable lining material, which is completely based (both resin matrix and fillers) on silicon oxide. Its high filler content (72% w/w) is said to create extremely low shrinkage and shrinkage stress. Containing no classic monomers, Admira Fusion x-base is 100 percent BPA free and reportedly delivers a new level of biocompatibility, which in turn minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.

Admira Fusion x-base is available in the non-dripping NDT® syringe in a universal shade.