VOCO Introduces Thermo-Viscous Bulk-Fill Composite, VisCalor

VisCalor is designed with a new 2-in-1 technology that offers the viscosity of a flowable and the sculptability of a packable.

VOCO has introduced its thermo-viscous bulk-fill composite, VisCalor bulk, which offers new 2-in-1 technology. Once warned, VisCalor delivers the viscosity of a flowable, then rapidly cools to body temperature once placed—allowing for the immediate sculptability of a packable.

VisCalor bulk is designed to save time by eliminating procedural steps and the need for additional materials used as a restorative base, liner, or occlusal capping layer—effectively making VisCalor bulk 2 restoratives in 1.

With an 83% fill rate by weight and a 4 mm depth of cure, VisCalor’s unique formulation is based on a new monomer system and special silane coating of its glass fillers. This mix, along with a new capsule design that is optimized for heat transfer, results in the unique behavior of the restorative when warmed. The composite also features a low shrinkage of 1.44% and an excellent wear rate, which ensures longevity and structural stability.

Its long, narrow capsule tip provides greater access to hard-to-reach areas for a bubble-free application, minimizing the potential for incipient decay and long-term failures. VisCalor bulk has low water absorption and is available in 4 shades—A1, A2, A3, and Universal, which only requires a 10-second light cure.

For more information, visit vocoamerica.com.