VOCO introduces Rebilda Post GT

Rebilda Post GT is said to offer enhanced physical properties and capabilities.

Core build-ups of endodontically treated teeth often employ the use of a root post to provide the basis for a stable build-up. However, it is common for situations to arise which limit the possibilities for using conventional root posts such as atypical root anatomies (e.g. overly curved root canals, pronounced conicity, etc.).

Rebilda Post GT is a bundled glass fiber-reinforced resin post, a first of its kind consisting of multiple diametrically smaller (0.3 mm) posts. These bundles of finer posts, varying in number dependent on require post size, reportedly offer enhanced physical properties and capabilities that enable Rebilda Post GT’s use when the above situations arise. Additionally, they are said to eliminate the need to mechanically prepare the root, preserving healthy tooth structure while minimizing trauma to the tooth.

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High radiopacity, high flexural strength, high fracture resistance and elasticity similar to dentin allow Rebilda Post GT to be the solution whether it is for routine, everyday post and core procedures or the more difficult yet commonplace atypical root canal anatomies. After Rebilda Post GT is seated within the root canal, the bundled posts are designed to intentionally spread out to increase the surface area they can offer to the core build-up restoration. This in turn creates greater adhesion and retention values to the build-up restoration, which is of better value to the patient and the practitioner.

Rebilda Post GT is translucent and comes in four different traditionally sized posts: 0.8 mm (4), 1.0 mm (6), 1.2 mm (9) and 1.4 mm (12). The system can be ordered as a complete kit that contains five of each size posts, Futurabond U SingleDose, Ceramic Bond and Rebilda DC, or the posts can be ordered separately by size. The system is compatible with all core build-up materials and there is no needed change in your technique.