VOCO Introduces Provicol QM Aesthetic Temporary Cement

New temporary cement is designed to provide optimal esthetics while offering ideal physical properties for the retention of temporary crowns and bridges.

VOCO America introduced its latest temporary cement, Provicol QM Aesthetic which is designed to secure provisional crowns and bridges without negatively impacting the color of the temporary restoration.

The cement is a zinc oxide-based, transparent, non-eugenol material that reportedly promotes antibacterial properties while providing the adhesion and strength required when seating temporary restorations. The cement is formulated for easy cleanup and does not bond to composite core build-ups.

The material achieves its translucency by employing a novel glass matrix with polyhedral particles. The material is highly radiopaque, has a low film thickness, and contains calcium hydroxide which can promote the development of tertiary dentin while helping to prevent hypersensitivity.

Provicol QM Aesthetic is available in 5 ml QuickMix automix syringes.