VOCO Highlights Newer Profluorid Varnish Flavors Aimed at Adult Dental Patients

VOCO hopes more adults benefit from newer flavors in Profluorid Varnish product line.

With a goal of encourging more use among adult patients, VOCO is touting the two newest flavors added to it Profluorid Varnish product line.

Over the past year the company launched cola lime and pina colada flavors for its line of fluoride varnishes which are also indicated as desensitizers. The fluoride varnish features a low film thickness, a smooth feel in the mouth and subtle, pleasant flavors. While flavors such as bubblegum and caramel are popular with younger patients, VOCO hopes more adult-focused flavors will increase varnish use with older patients.

Profluorid Varnish is available in mint, melon, and cherry flavors, as well as bubblegum, caramel, cola lime and pina colada.